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Sometimes you just get the Funk!

11 Jan

Most people at some point have felt like they were in a funk. You know that feeling when you are not sick, not tired, but more like you are just off. Your motivation is sub par, you can’t do your normal workout that you have practically done in your sleep. And the worst thing about the funk is that you don’t know what it is. Most of the time the funk goes away and you don’t think about it until it happens again.  Once in a while it stays for a few days, then a week, and when it gets to two weeks I think its time to evaluate. I have recently had some experience with this and have some pointers for you.

  1. Know your body. If you are like me and a product of routine then you will know when something is wrong if you sneeze at the wrong time of the day. Well not really but take a look at changes in you that are not normal. Change in body, appetite, skin changes like dryness or acne, maybe a change in sleep pattern and mood changes. If you notice there is a change that might be a good place to start.
  2. See your doctor. It never hurts to get a check up. Mention to your doc any changes you may have noticed. Have some blood work done. You should rule out any medical conditions especially if it’s lasted more than 2 weeks. And Doc knows best.
  3. Change your diet. Sometimes your body is telling you something like “Hello, you are eating too much sugar and we are working overtime in here!” Maybe you have been abusing caffeine, alcohol, or fatty foods. All of which I have been guilty of. OR maybe you are under eating. Sometimes if you work out regularly over time you have added more lean mass and you haven’t increased your calories to support that. I have gone to the gym and felt funky because I hadn’t eaten in 4 hours and I am depleted of energy. If you are having mood swings your diet could be off. Changes in hormone levels can affect your mood (right ladies??). Hormones change when diet changes.
  4. Check your stress levels. I have been noticing as I get older that I am affected more by stress. I never used to get stressed out and usually was pretty laid back. Now I have to do a head check and make sure I watch my stress levels. If you have been going to the gym with your head somewhere else then maybe its time to find ways to eliminate stress. Certain kinds of stress require action. You may hate your job, then maybe its time to move on. You may have people in your life that are negative and abusive, then maybe its time to unfriend them on FB. Maybe you are buried in debt, it may be time to make some sacrifices. Whatever it may be, there is a ton of suggestions on how to eliminate stress on the internet. Just Google it!
  5. Set new goals. I always set my short-term goals as well as long-term goals. Short term goals are important because you have little milestones along the way. If you set your goals too far out you might feel after several months that the goals are unachievable. Make goals leading up to that big one so you have things to get happy about at each step of the way. It’s ok to change goals, just make sure you have them!
  6. Get a partner in crime! When I get the funk I talk to my buddies. They usually have ideas on how to get out of it or can provide some insight on why you may be in it. It’s true that your friends may know you better than you know yourself.
  7. NOT FOR EVERYONE, but get a swift kick in the butt! I just recently needed an attitude adjustment. I have been powerlifting for 2 years and I was feeling like I needed to back off a bit because I was a little burnt out. I started eating bad food, not working as hard in the gym and feeling a little like “I will do what I want to do!” This might be ok for some but this is not going to help me reach my goals. Not one bit. My choices were, change the goals or get back in the game. My coach and I had a talk and I was able to get my motivation back and a whole new outlook on my training.

It’s definitely normal to get in the funk but it’s not good if it lingers over you like a heavy fog for more than 2 weeks. So follow my advice and lets crush some goals!!!

If you need some additional inspiration there are several inspirational websites out there but one of my favorites is Crossfit Lisbeth.

Healthy diet, lifting heavy, and having a blast!

Get your fix?

6 Jun

Food discovery update!!!!! Yes my Primal dieting self is all about the comfort food in little amounts. I’ve been cutting for a while now and it’s not so bad this time. I eat pretty clean normally and the only thing that is different is I am only eating 1500-1700 calories. So far down 8lbs give or take. Just a few more to go, then add it back in lean mass. BUT of course I am like any girl and sometimes find myself sprawled out on the floor in front of the fridge with a bucket of ice cream and a wooden spoon at the end of a bad day. So sometimes I need to have items around the house or in my desk at work for these not so good moments. (just for the record I have NEVER eaten ice cream with a wooden spoon, it’s usually the metal scooper)

If you have followed along you know my chocolate fix is dark chocolate covered soy beans but sometimes I need a salty fix and this little treat does the job!!!

These Plantain Chips are the BOMB!!!!! The ingredients are plantain, sunflower oil, and salt. And they are roasted so I think that makes them Paleo! 20 chips is 140 calories, 6g fat, 20g carbs, 0 sugar and 1g protein. They are very high in Vitamin A and C and of course Potassium. I usually don’t need to eat 20 to feel better so thats even fewer calories. They are really crunchy so if you need that crunchy feeling it totally satisfies.

These are for sure a must have in your kitchen! And if you have a total breakdown and eat the whole bag I still think its less calories than half a bucket of ice cream.

Happy Eating!

How do you pick your produce?

9 Aug

Did you know that August is one of the best months to get produce? There are so many great things in season this time of year especially one of my favorites, blueberries! My mom used to grow blueberries in her yard when we lived in Washington and they are so good fresh. Blueberry bushes actually need a good frost to produce good berries and berries that are grown around here don’t really get a good frost which is why they don’t taste so good to me. But I still eat them every day for breakfast. So back to my point, everyone is looking to save a buck these days and more people are eating healthy so I just thought I would share some tips about produce. Tip number one, the best way to get a good tasting piece of produce and to save a buck is to buy produce that is in season. How do you know what is in season? Try the Southland Farmer’s Market Association. Also when you go to a Farmers Market or a local Growers Market most of the employees know everything you need to know about what is in season.

Why does this matter to me? Eating produce changed my life. If you read my blog history you will read about my diet transformation. I NEVER ate vegetables and really didn’t bother with fruit that much. Now most of my carbohydrate intake comes from fruit and vegetable. I have also learned that there are better and healthier ways to choose your produce like eating locally grown and eating what is in season. And if you can grow your own even better!

So I challenge you to eat more produce instead of carbs that come in a box or a bag and I also encourage you to post your favorite produce and how you like to eat it.

I love asparagus and brocoli seasoned with a little olive oil and garlic salt heated in the micro for 1 min then tossed. Great side dish to your protein.

Happy eating!

Not for boys……you’ve been warned

3 Nov


When I first started changing my eating and going really hard at Crossfit my menstrual cycle started to slow down and even disappear for one month. I didn’t think too much about it because I knew diet and exercise can change your hormone levels. Then I saw a post on Paleo Jen’s Blog about her changes and Lindsay mentioned she had some changes as well so I thought I should do some research on this.

I remembered reading something in Chris Carmichael’s book Food for Fitness so I dug that out and sure enough there it was. Its called Athletic Amenorrhea.  Athletic amenorrhea is when a woman does not have periods because she exercises very intensely and is very lean. Some women with athletic amenorrhea stop having periods. Others never get their first period until years after the age at which most girls start menstruating. Some of these women may never get a period until they are in their 20s. Intense exercise and extreme thinness may reduce the levels of hormones that regulate a woman’s periods. These hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are important for overall body health. Estrogen is especially vital for healthy bones. Athletic amenorrhea is often seen in sports that stress thinness, such as gymnastics, figure skating, and long-distance running. When thinness is heavily emphasized, some young women may develop eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. A person with anorexia diets to excess, sometimes to the point of starving. People with bulimia binge (eat a lot at one time) and then purge, either by vomiting, using laxatives, or exercising too much.

Now you don’t need to panic, I don’t think any of us (me, Jen, Lindsay) have this but I do think the change in our exercise and diet has affected the levels of our hormones enough for our bodies to have a reaction. As a matter of fact when I started the Zone diet I read the book and all it talks about in the first section is regulating your hormone levels. A lot of people who start the Paleo diet and the Zone diet say the first two weeks are the hardest and its partly because you are changing your hormone levels to healthy levels if you are doing it right.

So what do we do? Well if your menstrual cycle has stopped all together for more than 3 months you need to see your doctor immediately. This condition can lead to several problems in the future including bone loss. If your menstrual cycle has slowed down or made some small changes you might want to make sure you are giving your body the things a “womans” body needs. You should have 1500 mg of Calcium a day. Make sure your are not cutting your diet too much, animal protein especially red meat is a great source of Iron, calcium and other nutrients a woman needs. I know we all want to get lean and look great but not at the expense of our health. Another thing to think about that I have read in the last few days researching all this is men can maintain a lower level of body fat then women can. Men will be just fine at 10% body fat and lower. I am sure I will get argument on this but women need to maintain a little higher level like 15% and up in order to maintain their hormone level. But don’t take it from me read about it on your own. I typed Athletic Amenorrhea into google and got plenty of info. Here are some links that I thought were cool also.

http://cassandraforsythe.blogspot.com/2009/03/feedback-on-athletic-amenorrhea.html -Cassandra’s blog is very informative and she is a woman who does weight training as opposed to the endurance sports and she even had a change.

She also links to a study that is being done at Pen State on the subject- http://www.refuel.psu.edu/





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