Yes I prefer to walk on the balls of my feet and is CrossFit selling out?

29 Nov

I really don’t have much to say but I haven’t posted in a long time and I do have a couple of things on my mind. I will start off with the thing that has been on my mind a lot in the last few days, muscle pain. Oh yes, right now I am back on volume training and every body part is sore. Usually the day after a work out I start to feel a little sore but the second day I have to walk on the balls of my feet because I can’t move my legs. Now it is not very attractive to walk like you have a stick up your butt so I try to compensate by walking slower and that is not so good either. Its times like these when I REALLY appreciate the handicap stall in the bathroom with those big handles! So here is my not so secret remedy: roll out on a foam roller, cold shower/ice bath, Aleve, swimming (cool water relaxes muscles), fish oil, and red velvet cake batter yogurt from Yogurtland!

Next topic: Chalk in a Globo gym? I have been working out at Gold’s Gym. The other day the GM told me no chalk in the gym. Which is fine but I can’t lift 300lbs 10 times without chalk. They could care less. I am just working around the issue for now but I did fish around their website to see how one of the most famous gyms in the country for building strong people could possibly support this ridiculous rule. Bottom line chalk is messy and they don’t want to pay someone to clean floors and equipment every day. So instead everything is dirty and you can’t lift a lot of weight without straps. But funny fact Venice Beach still allows chalk. Globo gyms don’t want athletes in their gyms they want the stair master soccer moms who come in for 30 mins and the average working guy that only benches and does some curls until they break a sweat. Now can someone tell me why they have spin class in the dark??? Is it moonlight riding? And who is the guy lifting weight with his hoodie up? So do you think Gold’s Gym a sell out?

Which brings me to my last thought. When I first started working in the motorcycle industry 10 years ago I went to West Coast Choppers to see the famous Jesse James. I remember how cool it was and how amazing his bikes were. He forged the metal on his own bikes! Then he got a TV show and one thing led to another. I am sure he hasn’t built a custom bike in a long time and now if you order a West Coast Chopper bike it’s designed and built by someone else. You just get the name. Everyone said he was a “sell out”. The product is still a West Coast Chopper bike but the real value is lost. But Jesse is extremely famous and very wealthy. So let me leave you with this thought, Greg Glassman/CrossFit is partnering with Reebok. Is he a “sell out”?    Business is business and in the end it doesn’t matter what the product is, the end result is always the same. I guess we will see……..

Happy Lifting!

2010 USAPL So Cal Regional

15 Nov

Big Mike and I take gold at the So Cal Regionals!

Going into this meet we had different goals from the other meets. I had already pulled some good numbers and had a high wilks score so all I had to do was pull what I did last time and we would be good. So with that in mind we decided to take some risks. I was shooting for numbers to qualify for Nationals. Not Raw Nationals but Open Nationals. I needed 793lbs to qualify. Those numbers would have been a long shot so my goals were really 280lbs back squat, 165lbs bench, and 340lbs deadlift.

I did a 292lbs back squat which I still can’t believe. 154lbs bench. And a 330lbs deadlift. My third deadlift was 356lbs but I “hitched” which cost me and I got 3 red lights. But I did get it up so it’s considered a “gym lift”. I’m really excited about it. I am having a hard time believing I even lifted that much. Here is the video of all my last lifts including the 346lbs deadlift I was red lighted on.

I finished with a gold medal and the Best Lifter award and 4 new state records! Now back to training for the next one. Thanks to all my friends and family that came out to watch me! And a special thanks to the Crossfit Fly Girls +guy +kids who supported!!

Thank you to my Coach Max Mormont for his amazing coaching and having my back. Also my coaches Gillian and Jeff. And thanks Heather for being team photographer and for getting that “special” pic for me to admire!!! WOOT

Come watch me at the 2011 LA Fitness Expo on Jan 29th where I will be Powerlifting!

It was just a post it note.

7 Nov

When I started powerlifting back in February I had some goals in mind for this year and I wrote them down on a post it note and put it on the December page in my calendar. When I got home last night from the meet I turned to December and smiled.

Here we are in November, yesterday I competed in my third Powerlifting competition-The USAPL Southern California Regionals. When my coach and I talked about this meet we had 2 things in mind. #1 we wanted to get a Wilks score of 325 or higher in order to possibly have a chance at Arnold Classic IF they open it up to uninvited lifters. and #2 get a total of 793lbs which would qualify me for Nationals (equipped). That way if we decided to compete equipped next year we have that already under the belt. In order to do that we had to shoot for a couple of high numbers. By my calculations I was going to come in right under. We knew it would be a risk.

We needed a 290 back squat, 163 bench and a 340 deadlift.

Yesterday I did a 292lbs back squat, if you look back at the post it-I thought I could do a 250lbs back squat in December. I did a 160lbs bench press, post it says 150lbs in December. I also did a 347lbs deadlift*, post it says 325lbs.

*In the competition yesterday I got a “no lift” on the deadlift for a hitch at the top so it doesn’t really count toward my total and I had to go with my second lift to be legit which was 330lbs. But I did lift the weight and it is good for a gym lift. Just to prove it here is a pic of it.

This is so not a flattering picture of me and I almost didn’t post it but oh well. Lets see what you look like lifting more that twice your body weight! hehe

There were definitely some challenges at the meet yesterday and I learned a few good lessons that hopefully will help me at future competitions. We really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Looking at that post it note and knowing what I lifted yesterday I can honestly say that its unbelievable. I am really excited for the future.

The best thing about the meet is that there were a bunch of girls there lifting for the first time. They were so excited and very proud of every lift they did. I was so happy for them. A lot of people think weightlifting is a mans sport and that it makes a woman look manly not feminine like they should look. It breaks my heart that people actually think that way. ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING THEY PUT THEIR MIND ON and someone who tells them otherwise is wrong. We should never bring each other down. Always bring others up and support them. Those girls were amazing yesterday and I hope that accomplishment inspires them to do it again and again and again.

Just like Columbus!

20 Oct

Going to Trader Joes is always so pleasant. I feel so happy the minute I walk in the door and there are all those beautiful flowers everywhere!! And then tonight there were pumpkins! Ahhhhh so good. Tonight I found a couple new things and I thought I would share them with you. Oh and I will say I found the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels and did stand in front of them for several minutes but didn’t buy any. I was trying to talk them into jumping in my basket so that I had to buy them like it was a rescue but when people started staring at me I finally walked away. BUT I did plan to buy them for my POST Meet food. For the record, post meet food is something I buy to eat after I compete and then I consume an ungodly amount with no guilt because I feel as though I have earned it.

So for my discovery:

Just a disclaimer I haven’t tried these yet so they could taste like a$$ but I was very excited about the number of Protein and lack of calories plus its Paleo and Primal!! Woohoo. Oh and don’t forget quick and easy to make!

Sorry the pic isn’t that great, 160 cal and 25g protein. That’s pretty dang good.

Another thing I could not just pass by and not take a picture of was these beautiful brussels sprouts.

These are so tasty and go really well with red meat. I love to throw them in a fry pan with some olive oil and sprinkle garlic, salt, pepper and maybe some Italian seasonings on them. Then top it off with some fresh parmesan cheese unless you are Paleo. Yum Yum!

So I will leave you with this thought, change your life for the better-eat your veggies!!

Off Topic

18 Oct

I just recently went back to Poulsbo, WA to visit my dad. I have not been back in a couple years. I really love CA and love the fact that the sun comes out almost every day. I don’t usually miss WA but this trip was a little different for me. I looked at everything with new eyes this trip and appreciated all the things I don’t see in CA.

I always sit on the east side of the plane going up and back so I can see all the sites all the way up. The first thing you see is Yosemite.

A couple years ago I climbed up to Half Dome (you can see it in the pic) with my friend Carolann. It snowed right when we got to the cables to climb up so we didn’t do that last part. I think I am glad we didn’t get to because I am not sure I would be able to do it. It was a great trip though and we had an amazing time.

The next site is Crater Lake (didn’t get a good shot of it). My parents took me camping there when I was a kid, more good memories.

Next is the Three Sisters. Three little mountains right next to each other. It’s almost like they couldn’t just be one they had to all represent. Not too often you see something like that.

Then you see I think Mt Jefferson but didn’t get a pic. But next is the all mighty Mt Hood. The only mountain that comes to a perfect point! I learned how to cross-country ski on that mountain. I also used to go up there every summer and cut fire wood for the winter and it is where The Shining was filmed! Oh and Hood is one of the harder mountains to summit, more people die on it than others.

Next is one of my favorite memories. On May 18th 1980 Mt St Helens erupted. I lived in Troutdale Oregon at the time and I remember the neighbor loading all us kids in their station wagon (you know the one with the rear seat that turned backward) and driving to where we watched the whole thing explode!! It was amazing. After that we had to wear masks on our faces for days while it showered ash everywhere. It was funny after that because people traveled from all over the world to see it after it blew and paid lots of money for bottled “Mt St Helens Ash” and my mom said “Shoot we could just scrape it off the ground and sell it!” lol  Another good memory for me is I used to High Alpine Climb and Helens is one of the mountains I climbed in the winter. We had to summit in the middle of the night before the sun came out and we were roped up it is so steep. I remember it being one of my scarier climbs.

Next mountain is Adams but didn’t take a pic. And last by not least is Rainier. At roughly 13,000 ft it is always beautiful and the backdrop of Seattle. One of 2 times I thought I was going to die was on Rainier and I was only a few hundred feet from my car. I did some survival training on it and had to dig a snow cave and sleep in it. When I say dig I mean dig it with a cooking pot! Because that is something you would have if you were hiking, not a shovel. The snow was soft that day and it was snowing so we weren’t able to dig a proper cave that would have been warmer. By the time I was done I was soaked to the bone and practically froze to death that night. I really did think I was going to die. But I survived only to get up the next day and throw myself down a cliff all day practicing self arrest. Good Times!!!

Of course we finish off with an amazing picture of downtown Seattle. I have so many great memories of this city. Lived downtown for several years. Graduated from Seattle U. Many ferry boat rides. Saint Patty’s Day at Kels!  Lots lots more….

Speaking of Kels, here I am with my college “Partners in Crime” Stacey and Athena. Lets just say I think we all count our blessings that we grew up and made something of ourselves! Hell will be raised!

Until next time……

USPF So Cal Regional Championship

13 Sep

Last weekend was a great weekend! I went to the USPF meet with the intention to gain more experience for my next meet in November. I have been doing some volume training to gain some muscle so I will weigh in a little higher in my weight class instead of at the bottom of the class. Since we know more muscle pulls more weight and we had some room to grow (literally) it was a good idea to use it to our advantage. What is volume? Well its lifting a lot of heavy weight a bunch of times until you can’t lift no more. And you are sore for days every time.

Going into this meet we really haven’t done any new “max” lifts and I was working up to 85%-90% of my previous max so I had no idea what I could lift. I decided to open around what I maxed out at at the last meet. Just so you know at a meet I give Max my Coach all my lifts I want to hit and my warm ups on a piece of paper. I usually have some guess work on there and he decides depending on how things are going what the next lift will be. After I do the first lift Max goes up to the judges and tells them what the next lift weight will be. He doesn’t tell me what it is and I prefer that. I have an idea what it might be but its better when I get out to the bar not to know what the weight is because I don’t want to focus on a number I want to just lift the bar.

On the back squat I lifted my opener and went to the second lift. Max said “this is it Punky” so I knew on the second lift it was probably 265lbs (the goal I wanted). It was a good lift and on the last lift he put on 270lbs and that went up great!! I was stoked!

The bench went well. Its a tough lift because the judges tell you when to push the bar up and you have to hold it in the bottom until they give you the signal. It makes it a little tougher. I put 10lbs on my lift over the previous meet.

Then we go to the deadlift. I wanted to get close to 315lbs. 8 weeks before at the meet I lifted 308lbs so I thought it was doable. I opened just under 300lbs and on the second lift Max told me “this is the one you want” so I knew it was 315lbs. The weight went up easy. I figured on the last lift Max would put on 320lbs because that was what I wrote down on the paper. It wasn’t until after I lifted the weight that I saw it was 325lbs!!! I was beyond excited!!!!

Needless to say the weekend was amazing and I am so grateful for all of my friends that were there to support me. I was so happy my Coach was there after just having surgery and one of my very best friends G was there.

5 Times!

6 Sep

Just finished this weekend off with a win at the USPF So Cal Regional Championship. I feel so lucky to have all these friends who came out and supported me! I have to thank my friend Mario who invited all his friends to come out and cheer me on. Thank you all for coming out! I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to be able to share this with you. I hope we break many more records together!!!

The meet went way better than I expected and lifted a whaaaping 5 times my body weight with a 270lb back squat, 155lb bench and a 325lb dead lift!!! Amazing! what a great weekend!

Stay tuned for the videos and more pics!

Pre-heat to 400 degrees before placing in oven……

26 Aug

I almost peed my pants laughing while watching this video!

So whats the fuss all about you ask??? Well what is the first thing you do when you go into the gym? Other than go in the bathroom and check your hair – and your butt (come on we know ya al make sure everything is in check) and then you fill your water bottle and then jump on the bench press to load up the bar and make some loud noises.  And the girls go grab a mat and one of those big beach balls and do some downward dawgs and bouncy sit ups. Then ya al go do your workout. If this isn’t you then I know you have seen these people.

YA AL NEED TO WARM UP! Maybe not disco style like the crazy people in the video but at least get the blood flowing before you shock the system into high speed. I have been reading up on why warm up is important in the book Science of Sports Training by Thomas Kurz. Thomas talks about how when the body temperature warms up you will have better elasticity and contractibility of muscles, greater efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, a shorter reaction time, improved perception, better concentration, improved coordination, and regulation of emotional states. Basically you want to prepare your system to perform at top ability. He goes on to say that your warm up should start with exercises of low intensity and build up to the intensity of the exercises that you are going to be doing during your main workout. If you start out with an intense warm-up it will use up that stored glycogen in the muscles and increase the level of lactate in the blood. When lactate increases in the blood then the use of free fatty acids for energy decreases and we don’t want to decrease energy right before we work out! He suggests a 20-40 minute warm-up and says the more intense the work out the longer the warm-up.

I usually read Mark’s Daily Apple and he just happen to post about warm-ups. He has a little different opinion about it than Thomas but he does say “Now if you’re lifting very heavy weights and subjecting your joints to high levels of force, a more thorough, diversified warmup may be in the cards, but it’s not necessary for most folks involved with Primal Blueprint Fitness.” He had a more general philosophy on working out and warm ups but if I was going to do a big workout then I for sure want to be warmed up. Read his full post here.

I’m not an expert but I usually roll out on the roller before my warm-up. It works out any leftover lactate in my muscles and gets the blood circulating. Then I do some pass throughs with the PVC pipe to get my shoulders and arms warmed up. Then do some air squats to get the legs and hips warm. I do more stretching and leg swings and move up to maybe a slow jog or some jumproping. I usually feel better than when I started and ready to work out. I also have possibly prevented injuries or strains on my systems. When I did triathlons it would take me a good 20 minutes to warm-up and when I was warm my body performed noticeably better than if I just started cold.

Next time you go in the gym and go straight to your machines or flat bench make sure you get a good warm-up in and after a few times you will feel better and always want to do a warm-up.

I dare you!! Do it!

Its Legit!

22 Aug

State Records are finally posted. I really never thought I would have a record this early let alone 3 records. I am really excited to keep moving toward my goal of picking up that bench record and adding 2 American records in November. Im still training hard and working on getting the most out of my weight class. Right now I am weighing in about 10lbs short of 165 so we are trying to add some pounds in muscle. I feel like my legs are changing every week and my hamstrings are getting bigger for sure. I am competing in 2 weeks so we will see then where we are on totals.

Current State Record Holder in the 165lb class:

Back Squat 253.5lbs

Dead Lift 308.5lbs

PL Total 705.25lbs

Can you change the way your body burns fat?

19 Aug

Last night I attending the Primal Blueprint seminar with Mark Sisson at Orange Coast Crossfit. I think a lot of people who eat Paleo are familiar with Mark. His philosophy is very similar to Paleo but he thinks some dairy is ok and some other things. He also talks a lot about limiting your carbs. I haven’t read his book but I do read his blog. The biggest thing about what he said and the opener to his talk was this statement: “80% of your body composition is determined by how you eat.” Now think of that for a moment and let that sink in. I think Mark has nailed the hammer on the nail on this one. And I am proof of that. I lost 40 lbs on primal eating and it completely changed my life and ways of eating. I’m going to read his book and give you periodic updates but for now I will give you some highlights on the talk.

The key to getting your body to burn stored fat is to control the hormone insulin. If you eat food that releases the hormone you don’t lose stored fat. And the reverse is if you eat food that doesn’t release the hormone your body will burn stored fat. So what foods release the hormone?

There were some things that Mark said that I am interested in finding more about because now being in the powerlifting scene there still is that old traditional thinking of eating lots of carbs to sustain muscle growth and power. Mark was saying that you can reprogram your body to burn fat so much that when you miss a meal you body will burn stored fat rather than muscle. I’m sure some body builders and powerlifters would like to know more about that.

Another thing he said was that HGH (human growth hormone) increases when you fast. Which also didn’t make sense to me because athletes are all about post work out fueling. I need to look more into that too.

I do highly recommend Mark’s book and I am going to start reading it so I can better inform you on all these things.

Live longer, play harder and look better! Whats stopping you from eating Primal today? I dare you!

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