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New Beginnings

5 Sep


My work out log is full, so its time to start a new one. I am currently typing up my old log so I can take a good look at what worked and what didn’t. At this point it might take me another year to do that but we will see.

Another thing that comes with the year ending and a new beginning is goal setting, picking the meets I want to do next year and making a plan. I have some of that in my mind and it’s just a matter of getting it in my book. I qualified for the Arnold again and have already sent in my registration so that is part of the plan. I need to start saving money for that trip and training is starting this week. After Nationals I got a cold so I have been recovering from that and now I am ready to go. I have also been on the “See Food” diet so I just need to get back on my regular eating schedule.

So it’s a great time for new beginnings, let the journey continue!


Raw Nationals

30 Aug

Last week was the USAPL Raw Nationals. This was my first Nationals and my second “travel” meet after the Arnold. I did learn after the Arnold that I need to travel a day earlier to meets so I have a day to eat properly and rest properly. I arrived on Thurs for competition on Saturday. My travel day included 3 planes, from OC to TX, TX to NJ, NJ to PA, first stop I had to run to my plane, second stop I had to collect my gate checked bag at baggage claim and sit in security for 45mins. When I finally arrived in PA it was late and I was tired. I did meet 2 lifters from Texas who became great friends and hung out with me the whole weekend.

Friday I watched some of the light weights lift, got all my food and rested. Ben and Kat were there from Derby City CrossFit and they had some lifters so I hung with them a bit.

On Saturday I weighed in at 71kg which is a little light for 75kg class, but the IPF (international) weight class goes up to 72kg and I have been trying to stay around that since I think they are going to move to those classes next year and the Arnold uses those weights. I felt good and went into warm up. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow lifters. One that was 3 months pregnant (ya you heard me). Another who was a mother/daughter team (how cool is that?). One who was over 60. And so many more really really great women. I think that is my favorite part of going to these meets is to get to know these girls who enjoy the same thing I do and just hearing their stories.

My competition went really well, I was in second place coming out of the squat and battled to keep second from that point on but ending up third in my weight class and 18th overall out of 87 women. I was really happy with that for my first Nationals and very honored to be in the company of such great lifters. It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot that I know will help me in the future.

This week I got back to training only to catch a cold, so I am resting and recovering so I can get back to training next week. Next on the schedule is State Regionals in November. I did qualify for the Arnold again so I will be going back in March to defend my title. This last year has been an amazing journey, I have met so many amazing people and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me.

I want to thank all my friends and family for your support, and thank my coach for all that he has done, and especially want to thank USAPL CA for all the great support they have given me. I am very blessed to have this new Powerlifting Family.


The Singlet

31 Jul

Leave it to the Punkmaster to pick a sport with a not so fun uniform. The USAPL says you must wear a weightlifting or wrestling type one piece singlet. So in the years of this sport there still is only a couple of options for this uniform and let me tell you they have not advanced in style since the day they started. I will say that I appreciate the rules and will happily wear my ever so flattering “scuba suit”, I mean singlet but COME ON!!  The purpose of the singlet is to allow the judges to see your body during the lift. For example if you have a big baggy shirt on its hard to see the crease of your hip to make sure you go below parallel. At this point my suggestion would be “well cool let’s make it a 2 piece?” So that I don’t have to get completely undressed to go to the bathroom! AND when you are nervous you go to the bathroom A LOT! They also come in primary colors, hardly any patterns and most are made of spandex or polyester. Luckily mine is black which is a slimming color but I think I would like a pattern like zebra stripes? Jus kiddin. Its even worse for the guys, I feel bad they have to get into one. I know you are thinking it so I am just going to say it…… yes it is really hard not to look “there”. Because honestly its like a target! AH! Thats all I’m going to say about that.

So my plan is to get more women involved in Powerlifting so that maybe someone will design a better, more flattering uniform. If there was a Lulu singlet I would buy one in a heartbeat and I know I would look smokin hot in it!! Please Lulu make a singlet????

One last thought, there are things you should avoid when picking out your singlet. Spandex is not preferred. Stripes are not slimming, and definitely do not even if it’s the last thing on the planet, absolutely DO NOT WEAR A WHITE SINGLET!

Liffit! Liffit Good!

It pays to have a strong core

13 Jun

It’s week 10 away from nationals. Team Maxfit has been hitting it hard in the gym. Big Mike and I are doing more things than we have ever done before. We have been lifting heavy this whole time and we are doing a ton of core work. After the Arnold Max wanted to really work on my core because my lifts are “wiggly”, my back is just not getting tight enough. We have also been working on conditioning. So there has been a lot of grunting going on between Big Mike and I. Mike TOTALLY hates abs!! I think it is really paying off tho. My back feels really different in all my lifts.

The diet is good. I finally feel comfortable with 1600 or so calories a day and I’m down 8lbs. I feel stronger than ever even with the weight loss and don’t really feel light-headed at all anymore. I’m keeping up with my supplements and eating really clean. I’ve added in some rice a couple of times a week and it seems to be fine with my stomach and doesn’t add any weight on me. I really try to eat little to no sugar, and when I do eat it I feel like total crap and it really messes with my sleep. If I eat sugar I can’t sleep for days, its weird.

So even tho we have been lifting heavy I haven’t actually done any heavy squats or deadlifts since the Arnold. We have been doing box squats and partial lifts with bands. Because of this I can’t help but to get all crazy in my head and think I’ve lost it. When you don’t max out its hard to know where you are at. Last week we did some full squats with bands and I had 245 on the bar with blue bands and it felt light. I thought at that point that maybe I had gotten stronger. Then Sunday with Max we were supposed to work up to 90% work sets. For me that would have been about 275lbs based on my 308lb PR. I put on 270, then 280, then 290 and I felt amazing so I asked if I could just do one at 300lbs to see how it felt.  It felt great. This was big for me, the 308 I did do back in Jan was a grinder and I have some numbers in my head for nationals so hitting this 300 made me so happy. I think I might have to raise those numbers I want to hit!

Happy Lifting!!

No use crying over spilled milk.

1 Jun

About a week before the Arnold I started to get some pain in my right wrist. We we came home and the pain didn’t get better I started to worry and saw a doc. It felt a lot like a broken bone and not really like a muscle tear. I have always been a bit of an adventurer and have a lot of experience with broken bones. I have broken my arms 5 times, my foot, many toes, and separated a shoulder. All on horses, motorcycles and bicycles. Yes I have a problem, adrenalin junkie. When it comes to the right wrist I have broken it 3 times. Here is the result:

When I was 13 (or so) I was riding my horse and fell off. Which is pretty common but in this case I landed on my arm in a way that completely broke both bones and dislocated the hand which needed to be reset. It healed great but as you can see on the little bone (ulna) that it was broken on the growth plate and stopped growing. As a result the ulna is 2mm shorter than it should be. The place where the ulna and the radius meet usually has a nice joint in between the bones but in my case due to years of wear and tear (12 years of motorcycle racing) the joint is completely destroyed and the cartilage on the bones is worn away causing advanced arthritis. This causes a bit of pain and loss of mobility.

So in my case the only solution is pain management. There is joint replacement for the wrist but it is not really that great and only used as a salvage surgery and I would not even be eligible for that for many many years. Cortisone has been my friend. The shots seem to be the only relief to the pain and they last about 6 weeks for me. Most people should not get lots of shots because it breaks down the joint but in my case the joint is completely destroyed so there are no negative consequences to getting the shots. In addition to the shots I have been icing every day sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. The ice keeps the inflamation down and helps me with the mobility loss. I have been really happy with the icing and see good results from it.

I will admit its been an emotional roller coaster since my diagnosis. I think a lot about powerlifting and if I should be doing it at the risk of more pain or even loss of some use of my hand. I have made it very clear to my doctors that it’s not worth the loss of using my hand and if they recommend I quit lifting I would. I can’t imagine not riding a bike again or a motorcycle or even being able to brush my hair. My doctors assure me that I will not damage the wrist any further at this point and that I can keep lifting. My doc said he will tell me when I need to stop.

So I will overcome, I will be the best I can be. I will still constantly monitor my health and be as realistic as possible. I have goals and dreams that are yet to be achieved and I’m gonna get em!

See you on the platform! Liffit, Liffit Good!

Chuck and As Seen on TV

8 May

Happy Mothers Day!

I spent the day with my mom today for her special day. Made her bacon and eggs for breakfast, and handled the little items on her “honey do” list. Then asked her what she wanted to do today. She said maybe a little shopping at the outlets. I’m not a huge shopper but there are a couple of places I like to go there so it sounded like a good idea. First we headed to a small shopping center by her house and I of course checked out the Lulu and got a new red headband since red is my favorite color. Then met mom in Sur le Table. Now let me give you a little back story…….

So I eat strawberries every morning. Anti-oxidants ya know. And I spend about 20 mins twice a week cutting the dang things. That adds up to  34 hours a year of chopping strawberries!! So……….I have been on the hunt for a “Strawberry cutter upper” for a long time.

In the store I asked the lady if they had a thingy that cuts strawberries and sure enough they did! WOOOT!!!!

It is so amazing! It took minutes to cut up a whole box!

Can’t even tell you how happy I am with this $15 purchase!

Then off to the outlets. I went into the Converse store to find some new lifting shoes in the clearance rack. When I was a rocker back in the 80’s I wore high top Converse every day. When I moved to CA way later in life people would mention Chuck Taylors and I had no idea what they were talking about because we never called them “Chucks”. After being told they were Converse I looked on the shoe and sure enough there was the name. But really who knew I would be wearing them again now. In Powerlifting I use the shoes for the Deadlift so I needed a new pair just for that. And what do you know I found the perfect pair for just $20!

Not only did I have a great time with my Mom but I was very successful in my bargain shopping!!


To be a minimalist?

13 Apr

I guess there are people out there that don’t have “things”. And even thinking about it for a few minutes I kinda like the idea. I have a great long time friend Kevin who used to live with not much more than a backpack of stuff and I always admired that. Just the thought of not having to worry about any of your “stuff”. You would never worry about someone breaking into your home.

I did a little research and this whole minimalist thing is popular. There are tons of websites telling you how to live with 50, 100, etc things. They have all kinds of challenges to get you into this. It sounds exciting, to start purging your unnecessary items. People also make up their own rules for the challenge. Some things can be counted as one thing, like underwear which makes sense. Common items within a family doesn’t count, like table, TV, etc. They have a time frame when they will accomplish this. Its mostly about counting your “personal” items.

As I write I am looking around and thinking if I could live with just 100 things??

Um……NOT! this is just a corner of my room. I think I could have 100 things of each activity I do. I have 5 bicycles, motorcycle and bins of camping, riding, and adventure gear. There is no way. BUT I will say that I am interested in thinking about this more and purging some items in the near future is a must.

In the end I think we should all try to live with less material things. Especially in this economy. We should only keep things we need and only buy things we need. We really should learn to stop satisfying our desires with material items and start filling our lives with amazing experiences, and being kind to one another, building relationships, and giving to others.  These things bring way more joy than a material item you just have to have. I am just as guilty as everyone else but I’m a work in progress too.

Can you live with just 100 personal items?

Kick The Bucket

5 Apr

Is there something that you have always wanted to do? Do you keep a list of places you would like to visit? Do you always tell yourself “If I had time, money, etc I would do…….”? It’s never too late to start a bucket list. I know it might be a little hard to come up with ideas if you are not used to being adventurous. But I am going to help you get started.

I have always lived my life with the bucket list in my hand. Well not really in my hand but always in my head. My dearest friend always tells me “There is nothing you haven’t done”. Its kinda true. I rode horses in the rodeo, raced motorcycles, climbed mountains, traveled all over the place, water ski, snow ski, skate board, mountain biked, road biked, the list goes on. I think I do all that because there are so many things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”! Life should not be limited. Of course we have jobs, family, commitments and that’s why we should have the list. Make your list and do one thing at a time. If you are a goal person (we know you are out there with your “goal” list) you can still have a bucket list and put things on there that make you smile, like – See the sun set and sun rise in the same day.

Lets get started…….I will give you some ideas:

  1. Places you want to travel
  2. New sports you want to try
  3. New look
  4. Goals, dreams achievements
  5. Experiences
  6. Something you want to see in person
  7. Something you want to learn
  8. Change your career
  9. Change your location
  10. People you want to meet
  11. Something you want to do for someone else
  12. Create something meaningful

You can also type “Bucket List” into Google and see what happens.

I challenge you to start your bucket list today! Share it with me if you like. Oh and one little rule of the bucket list. The list is YOUR responsibility. You do not make a list and then give it to your closest person and say “You need to take me to these places!” (yes mom I am talking to you)

Here is the first 5 things on my list in order of importance:

  1. Get a dog
  2. Go to Greece
  3. Kiteboard
  4. Do something great (like world peace, well not really that but get the picture)
  5. Love

Happy Listing!

Where’s the Beef?

30 Mar

Everyone should be concerned about the types of food they eat. We all need to be looking at where our fruits and vegetables are grown and where our beef and poultry come from. And we all should be aware of what our food is eating as well. I’m not saying you need to go crazy about it, but having all the knowledge so WHEN you have the opportunity to make a choice you choose what is best. When budget and availability allows (small print). So….. I flipped open this months issue of Cooking Light and there was a great article about beef. Grass fed verses grain fed. Get full article here.

The article touched on 3 issues; price, taste and nutrition. When it comes to price I think in the end there was only $.29 difference per pound. I have mentioned before in my blog that there are so many resources for purchasing grass-fed. I get emails from several different vendors and buy when they have sales and specials going on. I save more money that way. Or like they mentioned in the article you can go in on a cow with some other people and save even more. When it comes to nutrition well without getting on a soap box I will repost this quote from the article “Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, contains more healthy omega-3 fats, more vitamins A and E, higher levels of antioxidants, and up to seven times the beta-carotene.” I also can’t say enough how bad corn is and that is what grain is made of so there you have it. Oh and if you feed a cow grain they get e-coli, but you feed them grass and it takes it away. I’m just sayin. Now taste is a sensitive subject which is why I read Cooking Light. Meat tastes good because of its fat and grass-fed meat is leaner hence has a less flavorful taste. So you need to cook it right. Once you learn to do this I think your overall health and dinners will be better.

Just recently I started buying the lean cuts of bacon and let me tell you how picky I am about my bacon! The first time I cooked it I couldn’t eat it because it didn’t taste like “real, fatty” bacon. But I tried it again and this time I cooked it slower on lighter heat and added a little butter (yes I eat butter) and it was pretty good. Now I eat the lean cut all the time.

Read the article, its pretty good and look on the website for more grass-fed meat cooking tips and recipes! LIKE!

“I’ll Be Back”

8 Mar

The women in this picture are amazing! Everyone was so nice and supportive and came from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of them just started powerlifting and others were national champion veterans. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to compete alongside them.

I arrived on Thursday with Max my coach. I was a little more stressed this meet not only because it was the Arnold but also because I needed to make weight which I haven’t had to do in the past and also I was having some trouble with one of my wrists and was worried about not being able to lift. That night Max bought me some Icy Hot and I put it all over my arms to sleep in. Now if you have never done this let me tell you what a treat it is. The smell is….well it made me cough it was so strong. Then I feel like my arms have a fever, they feel warm but they are cold. Then after an hour or so it starts to get pretty hot. It did make my wrist feel a lot better but it was an experience.

Friday morning we headed to the meet and weighed in 71.2kg and I had to be under 42kg so we were good. Then the backsquat. I felt pretty good in the warm up room and went out and got my opener at 286.5lbs. Then I missed the second and third lift. I felt discouraged because my personal record is 308lbs and I was hoping to get 315lbs this time. I knew after missing the squats the bench will probably be the same since usually that is the first one to go. And again got my opener at 154.5lbs. At this point its clear to me that nutrition was an issue. I am sure I didn’t eat enough the day before in fear of the scale and it just took a toll on me. When I started lifting tho I also started eating and by the time I got to the deadlift I had eaten a lot. I got my opener no problem and went next for my personal record of 352lbs. No problem. Then I went for 363lbs. Max told me that he was debating forever at the table whether or not to put 370lbs on the bar because I was looking strong. So I went up there for the 363lbs and pulled it up easy. I think I would have been able to do that 370lbs. But I’m not worried “I’ll be back!”

In the end I won my weight class and place 6th overall. I am very happy with those results and still can’t believe I was there. I am so blessed to have so many people supporting me and to be inspired by each and everyone one of those women who have the courage to step onto that platform and lift heavy weight.

My coach Max has everything to do with getting me to this point. He is an incredible coach and its his programming that has made me strong as well as everything else he does. I’m so glad he trained me when no one else would. If you want to jump on our program or follow along you can get all the info here.

Thanks Max Muscle Huntington Beach Gold’s for cheering me on and for all the great supplements.

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