Showing you the holes in my socks

23 Feb

I recently read a really good article that inspired me to “reveal my true self”. With social media we can literally see what people are doing every day. I scroll through pictures, videos, and posts that for the most part are the good parts of people’s days. Seldom do you see failed lift videos (unless they are funny), pictures of our bad sides, or posts about times we didn’t make the best decisions.  I am guilty of showing everyone all the good stuff. I would never record myself lifting at the gym with light weight on the bar and post it on social media. I always completely scan my photos for wrinkles and double chins, I am single ya know. This last weekend I competed in a meet in Tuscon, AZ. Right after my third squat I posted a pic announcing that it was a PR for me. As the day finished I didn’t really post anything else about the meet. As I drove home the next day I was still pretty upset at myself because I made some dumb mistakes in the meet. I have been Powerlifting long enough to have learned quite a few things. One basic rule of competing is to pick realistic attempts. It definitely isn’t easy but after 6 years I have had enough experience to know how to do this. My coach said it well “It’s like filling a glass without spilling any of it”.

I feel like Im a pretty humble person and tend to be happy just getting good lifts but add a little adrenaline to the equation and no handler I think I’m able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Let me give you exhibit a: My second bench was good, fast and clean but when I got off the bench I thought I have 5lbs more in the tank. However I went to the table and told them 10lbs more which I missed. My second deadlift went great fast and felt easy. My next attempt was going to be 20lbs more. I remember thinking I don’t have 20lbs in the tank but I went up to the table and put it on the bar and only got it to my knees. Both lifts would have been 5lb PR’s for me. In that one minute I was thinking it was no big deal if I didn’t get them because I have already lifted the lower weight before and I had nothing to lose going for the PR. But I now disagree. With the 5lb PR in the squat and the two other lifts at my current PR I would have PR’d my total as well. I also loose a little bit of confidence when I miss a lift and my pride takes a little kick in the teeth.

I have done this before and I tend to not do well at meets when I don’t have a handler but you would think I would be able to think clearly when choosing my next attempts. I for sure have thought more about my decisions this time then I ever have before and I hope that in the future I am able to remind myself that its not always about the PR right in front of me and more about the big picture PR. We all have our goals, numbers that we want to hit, meets that we want to compete in, but I also want to be a better lifter. This week I have decided to add another goal to my list and that is to be better at filling my glass with water as much as I can without spilling any of it!

I hope you get a chance to read the article on The Book of Life website its kinda cool and food for the mind. Lots of good articles there. Here is another being bold moment for me, I am including a photo of me with no makeup, right after the gym, no filter. It seems silly that its scary to show you my true self but this is who I am.




One Response to “Showing you the holes in my socks”

  1. Lindsay February 25, 2015 at 9:31 am #

    Love you Punks! Thanks for being real 😉

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