2014 IPF Raw Worlds (Novel Version)

16 Jun

Two weeks after Nationals last August I injured my knee and had knee surgery. Luckily my injury was minor and I was back to lite training in December. In February I did a full powerlifting meet where I did a 80% squat. Shortly after that I started training for Worlds. My training was fairly conservative on the squat, still only training at a 285lbs total where I typically squat around 300. Both of my other lifts had been progressing nicely so I expected to do ok with a lighter squat than normal. I did some max effort testing in the gym on the squat right before Worlds to see where I was at which ended with 300 the first week, 295 the second week and the last week I squatted a nice 305lbs. I was thrilled and knew I could squat a 297 which is a squat I have done several times in competition (see Unicorn Squat post).

297 squat
Two weeks before Worlds my baby (Axel, my French Bulldog) had emergency back surgery at less then 2 years old. I was crushed. It was the worst 2 weeks of my life. During this time I was supposed to be wrapping up my training with my heaviest lifts. It took everything I had to get to the gym to train. With the help of my amazing Mom and some adjustments to my training schedule I was able to train while Axel was in the hospital. When it was time for me to go to South Africa my Mom took Axel and cared for him. Knowing Axel was on the mend and in good hands I headed to IPF Classics Raw World Championships.
I arrived 4 days before I competed. I typically weigh 165lbs roughly, and my weight class is 158lbs so I started a clean diet about 6 weeks out with a goal to lose a pound a week. This is what I always do so I am very used to it and was right on track when I got in. I was 159lbs when I arrived.
Matt Gary my coach arrived the day before I lifted and checked in with me the night before. The next day I didn’t lift until 3pm so we had time to discuss strategy. After weigh-ins Matt stayed with me the rest of the day. We already planned the numbers we were going to hit so the foundation was laid and we were ready. Matt has been so much more then a coach he has been family. I really like that I can provide feedback and work with him on my training so I feel comfortable about what I am doing and I know he is always planning on long term and not just one meet at a time. I have seen so much growth in my technical and physical strength in the last two years. I don’t think I could have been more confident about our plan, I knew we did everything possible to be ready for this meet.
By the time warm ups started I was suited up and in the warm up room. This is where Matt took charge. He all of the sudden went from laid back to serious business mode! It was awesome to see how passionate he was and his experience showed as he ran around getting flight lists, start times and weights on the bar. All this while telling me what to do minute by minute. I told him how many minutes I wanted to rest and he planned all my warmups around that. He gave me exactly how long of rest I needed and worked that right up until I lifted so I didn’t get cold. My flight had 6 people in it, which threw me off a little bit because that meant 5 minutes rest in between lifts and that wasn’t much time. The first squat felt great, we went on as planned. The second squat felt heavy but I knew I could do more we took the final squat that we planned. My third squat felt easier than the second and moved pretty good. I definitely had a little more in the tank! I was thrilled! Moving on to the bench. Again short turn around times was tough and then the head judge was giving super long pause commands. I was really thrown, it was a long time to hold the weight at the bottom. Finished the first and went on as planned. Second was heavy, which Matt could already tell when I came back he recommended a 5lb jump instead of the 10 we planned and I agreed. That last bench was a GRINDER!!!!! Longest bench I have ever had, it came down and started back up and it was so tough but I stuck with it and kept pushing! AND it went all the way up ending in a clean lift!! It really was amazing, I am more proud of that lift then all the other ones! I usually feel pretty confident about the deadlift. I can pull a lot even if I have to grind it so I wasn’t worried except the grinder bench cramped up my upper back a little and I felt tight during the warm up. I was hoping I could pull enough but I was worried it was going to be painful. My first attempt felt light so we went on as planned. The second lift went well but I felt a little soft in my back and wasn’t sure if what we planned was in the tank. My mindset at the time was “conservative” so I told Matt I wasn’t sure if 380 was there, and he said 380 back to me like he thought it was there! At the time he was also talking to our Team Coach, I started to talk again and he looked at me and said “We can talk about it” in a serious way. I shut my mouth and went and sat down. He was confident 380 was there and he knew I wasn’t sure. Just him saying that was enough to set my mind back to confidence rather than uncertainty. I went up to the platform fired up! Got my set up and pulled. The bar was fast and I wouldn’t say easy but I think I had more in the tank. Matt told me after that I had plenty left in the tank for a heavier lift. Which is very exciting to know I will be pulling a PR soon!
This meet was by far my best meet ever! Not only did I go 9 for 9 at worlds but I had never lifted all my PR’s at the same time so I PR”d my meet total by 15kgs! For a 848lbs total. The whole experience was amazing. I got to lift with some really great women and I am so humbled by everyone who was there. Everyone is so inspiring and works so hard to reach their goals. I will always remember this experience and cherish the friendships I made. I want to thank everyone who helped me make this dream come true, each and every one of you mean so much to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. I also want to thank my coach Matt Gary and his wife (S i owe you money) Sioux-z Hartwig-(fun size) Gary. Thank you for your expertise, guidance, and love!


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