Raw Nationals

30 Aug

Last week was the USAPL Raw Nationals. This was my first Nationals and my second “travel” meet after the Arnold. I did learn after the Arnold that I need to travel a day earlier to meets so I have a day to eat properly and rest properly. I arrived on Thurs for competition on Saturday. My travel day included 3 planes, from OC to TX, TX to NJ, NJ to PA, first stop I had to run to my plane, second stop I had to collect my gate checked bag at baggage claim and sit in security for 45mins. When I finally arrived in PA it was late and I was tired. I did meet 2 lifters from Texas who became great friends and hung out with me the whole weekend.

Friday I watched some of the light weights lift, got all my food and rested. Ben and Kat were there from Derby City CrossFit and they had some lifters so I hung with them a bit.

On Saturday I weighed in at 71kg which is a little light for 75kg class, but the IPF (international) weight class goes up to 72kg and I have been trying to stay around that since I think they are going to move to those classes next year and the Arnold uses those weights. I felt good and went into warm up. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow lifters. One that was 3 months pregnant (ya you heard me). Another who was a mother/daughter team (how cool is that?). One who was over 60. And so many more really really great women. I think that is my favorite part of going to these meets is to get to know these girls who enjoy the same thing I do and just hearing their stories.

My competition went really well, I was in second place coming out of the squat and battled to keep second from that point on but ending up third in my weight class and 18th overall out of 87 women. I was really happy with that for my first Nationals and very honored to be in the company of such great lifters. It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot that I know will help me in the future.

This week I got back to training only to catch a cold, so I am resting and recovering so I can get back to training next week. Next on the schedule is State Regionals in November. I did qualify for the Arnold again so I will be going back in March to defend my title. This last year has been an amazing journey, I have met so many amazing people and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me.

I want to thank all my friends and family for your support, and thank my coach for all that he has done, and especially want to thank USAPL CA for all the great support they have given me. I am very blessed to have this new Powerlifting Family.


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