It pays to have a strong core

13 Jun

It’s week 10 away from nationals. Team Maxfit has been hitting it hard in the gym. Big Mike and I are doing more things than we have ever done before. We have been lifting heavy this whole time and we are doing a ton of core work. After the Arnold Max wanted to really work on my core because my lifts are “wiggly”, my back is just not getting tight enough. We have also been working on conditioning. So there has been a lot of grunting going on between Big Mike and I. Mike TOTALLY hates abs!! I think it is really paying off tho. My back feels really different in all my lifts.

The diet is good. I finally feel comfortable with 1600 or so calories a day and I’m down 8lbs. I feel stronger than ever even with the weight loss and don’t really feel light-headed at all anymore. I’m keeping up with my supplements and eating really clean. I’ve added in some rice a couple of times a week and it seems to be fine with my stomach and doesn’t add any weight on me. I really try to eat little to no sugar, and when I do eat it I feel like total crap and it really messes with my sleep. If I eat sugar I can’t sleep for days, its weird.

So even tho we have been lifting heavy I haven’t actually done any heavy squats or deadlifts since the Arnold. We have been doing box squats and partial lifts with bands. Because of this I can’t help but to get all crazy in my head and think I’ve lost it. When you don’t max out its hard to know where you are at. Last week we did some full squats with bands and I had 245 on the bar with blue bands and it felt light. I thought at that point that maybe I had gotten stronger. Then Sunday with Max we were supposed to work up to 90% work sets. For me that would have been about 275lbs based on my 308lb PR. I put on 270, then 280, then 290 and I felt amazing so I asked if I could just do one at 300lbs to see how it felt.  It felt great. This was big for me, the 308 I did do back in Jan was a grinder and I have some numbers in my head for nationals so hitting this 300 made me so happy. I think I might have to raise those numbers I want to hit!

Happy Lifting!!

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