Get your fix?

6 Jun

Food discovery update!!!!! Yes my Primal dieting self is all about the comfort food in little amounts. I’ve been cutting for a while now and it’s not so bad this time. I eat pretty clean normally and the only thing that is different is I am only eating 1500-1700 calories. So far down 8lbs give or take. Just a few more to go, then add it back in lean mass. BUT of course I am like any girl and sometimes find myself sprawled out on the floor in front of the fridge with a bucket of ice cream and a wooden spoon at the end of a bad day. So sometimes I need to have items around the house or in my desk at work for these not so good moments. (just for the record I have NEVER eaten ice cream with a wooden spoon, it’s usually the metal scooper)

If you have followed along you know my chocolate fix is dark chocolate covered soy beans but sometimes I need a salty fix and this little treat does the job!!!

These Plantain Chips are the BOMB!!!!! The ingredients are plantain, sunflower oil, and salt. And they are roasted so I think that makes them Paleo! 20 chips is 140 calories, 6g fat, 20g carbs, 0 sugar and 1g protein. They are very high in Vitamin A and C and of course Potassium. I usually don’t need to eat 20 to feel better so thats even fewer calories. They are really crunchy so if you need that crunchy feeling it totally satisfies.

These are for sure a must have in your kitchen! And if you have a total breakdown and eat the whole bag I still think its less calories than half a bucket of ice cream.

Happy Eating!

One Response to “Get your fix?”

  1. Lindsay August 12, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    Hey Punky! I just read your interview… which led me to your blog 🙂 I love it all. AND… I love these Plantain chips too. In fact I just ate a bunch of them dipped in almond butter (the flax one from TJ’s)… another must have! Thanks for you all your sharing!

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