No use crying over spilled milk.

1 Jun

About a week before the Arnold I started to get some pain in my right wrist. We we came home and the pain didn’t get better I started to worry and saw a doc. It felt a lot like a broken bone and not really like a muscle tear. I have always been a bit of an adventurer and have a lot of experience with broken bones. I have broken my arms 5 times, my foot, many toes, and separated a shoulder. All on horses, motorcycles and bicycles. Yes I have a problem, adrenalin junkie. When it comes to the right wrist I have broken it 3 times. Here is the result:

When I was 13 (or so) I was riding my horse and fell off. Which is pretty common but in this case I landed on my arm in a way that completely broke both bones and dislocated the hand which needed to be reset. It healed great but as you can see on the little bone (ulna) that it was broken on the growth plate and stopped growing. As a result the ulna is 2mm shorter than it should be. The place where the ulna and the radius meet usually has a nice joint in between the bones but in my case due to years of wear and tear (12 years of motorcycle racing) the joint is completely destroyed and the cartilage on the bones is worn away causing advanced arthritis. This causes a bit of pain and loss of mobility.

So in my case the only solution is pain management. There is joint replacement for the wrist but it is not really that great and only used as a salvage surgery and I would not even be eligible for that for many many years. Cortisone has been my friend. The shots seem to be the only relief to the pain and they last about 6 weeks for me. Most people should not get lots of shots because it breaks down the joint but in my case the joint is completely destroyed so there are no negative consequences to getting the shots. In addition to the shots I have been icing every day sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. The ice keeps the inflamation down and helps me with the mobility loss. I have been really happy with the icing and see good results from it.

I will admit its been an emotional roller coaster since my diagnosis. I think a lot about powerlifting and if I should be doing it at the risk of more pain or even loss of some use of my hand. I have made it very clear to my doctors that it’s not worth the loss of using my hand and if they recommend I quit lifting I would. I can’t imagine not riding a bike again or a motorcycle or even being able to brush my hair. My doctors assure me that I will not damage the wrist any further at this point and that I can keep lifting. My doc said he will tell me when I need to stop.

So I will overcome, I will be the best I can be. I will still constantly monitor my health and be as realistic as possible. I have goals and dreams that are yet to be achieved and I’m gonna get em!

See you on the platform! Liffit, Liffit Good!

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