Bro-Mances, heavy weight, lots of coffee, and wings

30 May

I don’t think I know anyone who drinks as much coffee as Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick. I was thinking that maybe because of their size they required more caffeine  to keep them awake because if I drank that much I think my head would spin right off my shoulders. BUT regardless of how much coffee they drink they sure can lift a crap load of weight and they put on a really good Powerlifting Certification Class!

The class was filled with lots of information starting with learning the box squat, then the deadlift, and the next day the bench press. Each movement was gone over in detail and then everyone had the opportunity to perform it and be given feedback from the guys. The days were also filled with talk of additional movements that compliment these lifts and lots of talk of and about the sport of powerlifting. The majority of the last day Mark and Jesse talked about programming and how strength training can be applied to the CrossFit gym. The class was broken up into groups and they had a chance to set up their own training schedule and again the guys provided feedback. The group also got a special treat when Max Mormont (my coach) talked about additional movements and how they build strength. It was an amazing weekend learning all these things.

I felt really honored to help put at the cert and really enjoyed meeting all the people who came from all over to attend. On top of all that CrossFit Bea was a really cool gym and the owners Erik and Darlene are good people!

Mark and Jesse are a couple of the funniest guys I have met. From day one Mark has been picking on me like I was the little sister he never wanted. I try to dish it back but he always has the upper hand. I think I will spend the rest of my life trying to think of a way to “one up” him. On top of that he and Jesse are having some sort of bro-mance with my coach. It made me pretty jealous all weekend and they all just flaunted it in my face and enjoyed it. I kept picturing all of them in matching singlets and tall socks doing chest bumps and butt slaps. It is very disturbing. But I was able to separate them for a short time and learned more about who Mark Bell really is. Mark has contributed a lot to the sport of powerlifting and I am sure he will do it forever. He is very passionate and his positive attitude is infectious. Of course I had all kinds of questions for him and after talking his ear off I asked him if he ever got sick of talking about powerlifting and he said “No I don’t, I just want to help people”. It’s not too often you meet someone who is very influential who is genuinely out there to make things better and help people. I think what Mark and Jesse have put together is really great for the CrossFit community and I can’t wait to help out at the next one.

I also asked both Mark and Jesse -“Would you rather wear a pink singlet with pink socks while lifting for the rest of your life OR never eat wings again, which would it be?” Both their responses, “Wear the Pink!”       And there you have it…….

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