Chuck and As Seen on TV

8 May

Happy Mothers Day!

I spent the day with my mom today for her special day. Made her bacon and eggs for breakfast, and handled the little items on her “honey do” list. Then asked her what she wanted to do today. She said maybe a little shopping at the outlets. I’m not a huge shopper but there are a couple of places I like to go there so it sounded like a good idea. First we headed to a small shopping center by her house and I of course checked out the Lulu and got a new red headband since red is my favorite color. Then met mom in Sur le Table. Now let me give you a little back story…….

So I eat strawberries every morning. Anti-oxidants ya know. And I spend about 20 mins twice a week cutting the dang things. That adds up to  34 hours a year of chopping strawberries!! So……….I have been on the hunt for a “Strawberry cutter upper” for a long time.

In the store I asked the lady if they had a thingy that cuts strawberries and sure enough they did! WOOOT!!!!

It is so amazing! It took minutes to cut up a whole box!

Can’t even tell you how happy I am with this $15 purchase!

Then off to the outlets. I went into the Converse store to find some new lifting shoes in the clearance rack. When I was a rocker back in the 80’s I wore high top Converse every day. When I moved to CA way later in life people would mention Chuck Taylors and I had no idea what they were talking about because we never called them “Chucks”. After being told they were Converse I looked on the shoe and sure enough there was the name. But really who knew I would be wearing them again now. In Powerlifting I use the shoes for the Deadlift so I needed a new pair just for that. And what do you know I found the perfect pair for just $20!

Not only did I have a great time with my Mom but I was very successful in my bargain shopping!!


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