To be a minimalist?

13 Apr

I guess there are people out there that don’t have “things”. And even thinking about it for a few minutes I kinda like the idea. I have a great long time friend Kevin who used to live with not much more than a backpack of stuff and I always admired that. Just the thought of not having to worry about any of your “stuff”. You would never worry about someone breaking into your home.

I did a little research and this whole minimalist thing is popular. There are tons of websites telling you how to live with 50, 100, etc things. They have all kinds of challenges to get you into this. It sounds exciting, to start purging your unnecessary items. People also make up their own rules for the challenge. Some things can be counted as one thing, like underwear which makes sense. Common items within a family doesn’t count, like table, TV, etc. They have a time frame when they will accomplish this. Its mostly about counting your “personal” items.

As I write I am looking around and thinking if I could live with just 100 things??

Um……NOT! this is just a corner of my room. I think I could have 100 things of each activity I do. I have 5 bicycles, motorcycle and bins of camping, riding, and adventure gear. There is no way. BUT I will say that I am interested in thinking about this more and purging some items in the near future is a must.

In the end I think we should all try to live with less material things. Especially in this economy. We should only keep things we need and only buy things we need. We really should learn to stop satisfying our desires with material items and start filling our lives with amazing experiences, and being kind to one another, building relationships, and giving to others.  These things bring way more joy than a material item you just have to have. I am just as guilty as everyone else but I’m a work in progress too.

Can you live with just 100 personal items?

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