“I’ll Be Back”

8 Mar

The women in this picture are amazing! Everyone was so nice and supportive and came from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of them just started powerlifting and others were national champion veterans. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to compete alongside them.

I arrived on Thursday with Max my coach. I was a little more stressed this meet not only because it was the Arnold but also because I needed to make weight which I haven’t had to do in the past and also I was having some trouble with one of my wrists and was worried about not being able to lift. That night Max bought me some Icy Hot and I put it all over my arms to sleep in. Now if you have never done this let me tell you what a treat it is. The smell is….well it made me cough it was so strong. Then I feel like my arms have a fever, they feel warm but they are cold. Then after an hour or so it starts to get pretty hot. It did make my wrist feel a lot better but it was an experience.

Friday morning we headed to the meet and weighed in 71.2kg and I had to be under 42kg so we were good. Then the backsquat. I felt pretty good in the warm up room and went out and got my opener at 286.5lbs. Then I missed the second and third lift. I felt discouraged because my personal record is 308lbs and I was hoping to get 315lbs this time. I knew after missing the squats the bench will probably be the same since usually that is the first one to go. And again got my opener at 154.5lbs. At this point its clear to me that nutrition was an issue. I am sure I didn’t eat enough the day before in fear of the scale and it just took a toll on me. When I started lifting tho I also started eating and by the time I got to the deadlift I had eaten a lot. I got my opener no problem and went next for my personal record of 352lbs. No problem. Then I went for 363lbs. Max told me that he was debating forever at the table whether or not to put 370lbs on the bar because I was looking strong. So I went up there for the 363lbs and pulled it up easy. I think I would have been able to do that 370lbs. But I’m not worried “I’ll be back!”

In the end I won my weight class and place 6th overall. I am very happy with those results and still can’t believe I was there. I am so blessed to have so many people supporting me and to be inspired by each and everyone one of those women who have the courage to step onto that platform and lift heavy weight.

My coach Max has everything to do with getting me to this point. He is an incredible coach and its his programming that has made me strong as well as everything else he does. I’m so glad he trained me when no one else would. If you want to jump on our program or follow along you can get all the info here.

Thanks Max Muscle Huntington Beach Gold’s for cheering me on and for all the great supplements.

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