My Unsung Hero

15 Feb

I’m sure everyone gets sick of hearing me talk about lifting and food and all that stuff, I get sick of it. I try to blog more but just run out of things to talk about. I have been looking at other sites to inspire my writing but nothing really sounds good. But I have had something on my mind a lot lately and its about inspiration. Having a goal and the desire to succeed is very important but without inspiration the passion can dwindle to nothing. People inspire me all the time but since I started on this journey of lifting heavy weight there is one person who has inspired me from the very beginning and continues to every day. My very favorite Fly Girl Jill Baker.

The very first time I met her she came into our CrossFit gym looking for a new thing to get in shape. She had an amazing natural overhead squat and thought Crossfit was the best thing since Starbucks Coffee. She wanted to get stronger right away and asked me how. It was easy to see “Jill you need to eat more.” From that point on we became good friends. She went on to become a Level I trainer and an amazing athlete with the desire to help more women get healthy and in shape. I could go on and on about the challenges she faced and the constant drive she had to overcome them. She wanted to be part of something bigger so she quit her job and opened a gym in her garage specifically for women. She always has plans and ideas and thoughts and just stuff going on to make her business better and her product better and her Fly Girls better! She personally cares about the success of all of her girls but more than that she cares about everyone she comes in contact with.

I won’t lie, this journey for me has been tough. Lifting the weight is the easy part for me, but staying motivated and getting in the gym and sticking to the diet has been hard at times. Some people don’t understand why I like Powerlifting or even why its a sport at all. There are people out there who think what I do is bad, will hurt me or make me look like a guy and they are not afraid to say it. They are few, but can be big downers. Jill has always squashed those negative thoughts. She always tells me that I am amazing and tells everyone about me. When she introduces me to people she follows the introduction all my titles and how much I lift, and with a big proud smile. (I’m smiling just thinking about it) She makes me feel like a celebrity. But in fact I think she is one. Jill not only has come to almost all of my meets but she brings all the Fly Girls, her loving husband and her two adorable kids. I have the biggest cheering section because of her. She pushes me every day. She tells me positive things every day. She sets an example for me to follow every day. And the thing is……she doesn’t know it.

Jill thank you for being my rock, for standing by me, for never doubting me and for never letting the negative get past our protective shield! You have inspired me more than you know. You are going to continue to do great things. I am so proud of you.

Jill is the owner of CrossFit Fly in Newport Beach, where she is growing amazing CrossFit Fly Girls!

One Response to “My Unsung Hero”

  1. jill b February 16, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    YOU inspire ME! thank you so much for writing this, punky. i’m seriously overwhelmed with gratitude for you and for our friendship. and- omg, how old is that last picture? we look so young… and so scrawny 😉

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