The Pot of Gold

7 Feb

I have always been a goal setter. I tend to procrastinate, so setting goals helps me have an end date for things. When I have a competition I usually watch my diet and try to stay as clean as possible (eat primal) and then after the meet I pick a special treat to eat as a reward. So last Sunday after my meet I ate a whole box of Fruity Pebbles (BK I know you appreciate this the most). The meet before that I ate a bag of those pretzel M&M’s, wow those are awesome!

This next competition has a lower weight class then what I am used to. Luckily I am really light in my normal weight class but we recently added a few pounds of muscle so I need to cut about 4lbs in 4 weeks. Im not super concerned since I am pretty sure thats not hard but the problem is no cheating. AND no beer (insert sad face here). I got through this week, first week is always the hardest. I felt like I was starving all week even though I really wasn’t. Its all in the head. So I have decided to set my goal or pick my gold at the end of the rainbow. That way when I really want to eat something bad I just think about the item I am gonna eat after the meet.

I am completely prepared to eat the entire box of these rolls, I think that will keep me clean until then.

Sweet Dreams!

One Response to “The Pot of Gold”

  1. Carol O February 16, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    Ha!!! Trix are my favorite – with whole milk! 🙂

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