Mom, I don’t need a T-shirt from Hawaii!

5 Dec

Did you know that Nick Umbs of Virginia broke the US record for the most t-shirts worn at the same time? Its true 183 t-shirts. Thats a guy that needs this big pile of t-shirts.

T-shirts were invented in the early 19th century when someone cut those one piece undergarments in half and decided to use the top as an undershirt. Then the army decided to issue them as a part of their uniform which they wore as undershirts which was shortly followed by other industries using them as work garments. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that companies got the idea to advertise on them.  Today t-shirts can be used as a form of expression, style, and mostly they are used as human billboards where companies advertise their brands, products, etc. Which leads me to my “Pile O Shirts” (above). I worked in the motorcycle industry for 10 years and that industry is all about t-shirts. Every company gives you their shirts, then you get a shirt at every race you do, and on top of that you must have a supply of your own company’s shirts. When I started mountain biking- same issue. Now I start Powerlifting and at every meet I get this lovely t-shirt……..ah!!

Mens t-shirts are not flattering on women. I very rarely wear mens t-shirts because I don’t like the way they look. I love girls cut shirts but you will never get one at a race or meet. However this last weekend I did the Gladiator Run and did get an awesome girls cut t-shirt!! woohoo. I have given away boxes and boxes of t-shirts and now I am down to this pile that still seems to pro-create. Every time my mom goes somewhere she says “Do you want me to bring you a t-shirt?”  Oh NO! I don’t want a t-shirt, when I go to races I don’t take the shirts anymore (unless it’s a girls cut) and Santa please don’t bring me any for under the tree.

I will say that I wish I would have kept all my concert t-shirts from high school because I hear those are worth money and I was a black leather, silver metal spikes on the shoulder, feathered hair with wings wearing Rocker and went to every Metallica, Scorpions, Motley Crew, Warrant, you name it concert and bought a shirt at all of them.

There must be bazillions of t-shirts on this planet. Can’t we give away something else at events? So how big is your t-shirt pile?

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