Yes I prefer to walk on the balls of my feet and is CrossFit selling out?

29 Nov

I really don’t have much to say but I haven’t posted in a long time and I do have a couple of things on my mind. I will start off with the thing that has been on my mind a lot in the last few days, muscle pain. Oh yes, right now I am back on volume training and every body part is sore. Usually the day after a work out I start to feel a little sore but the second day I have to walk on the balls of my feet because I can’t move my legs. Now it is not very attractive to walk like you have a stick up your butt so I try to compensate by walking slower and that is not so good either. Its times like these when I REALLY appreciate the handicap stall in the bathroom with those big handles! So here is my not so secret remedy: roll out on a foam roller, cold shower/ice bath, Aleve, swimming (cool water relaxes muscles), fish oil, and red velvet cake batter yogurt from Yogurtland!

Next topic: Chalk in a Globo gym? I have been working out at Gold’s Gym. The other day the GM told me no chalk in the gym. Which is fine but I can’t lift 300lbs 10 times without chalk. They could care less. I am just working around the issue for now but I did fish around their website to see how one of the most famous gyms in the country for building strong people could possibly support this ridiculous rule. Bottom line chalk is messy and they don’t want to pay someone to clean floors and equipment every day. So instead everything is dirty and you can’t lift a lot of weight without straps. But funny fact Venice Beach still allows chalk. Globo gyms don’t want athletes in their gyms they want the stair master soccer moms who come in for 30 mins and the average working guy that only benches and does some curls until they break a sweat. Now can someone tell me why they have spin class in the dark??? Is it moonlight riding? And who is the guy lifting weight with his hoodie up? So do you think Gold’s Gym a sell out?

Which brings me to my last thought. When I first started working in the motorcycle industry 10 years ago I went to West Coast Choppers to see the famous Jesse James. I remember how cool it was and how amazing his bikes were. He forged the metal on his own bikes! Then he got a TV show and one thing led to another. I am sure he hasn’t built a custom bike in a long time and now if you order a West Coast Chopper bike it’s designed and built by someone else. You just get the name. Everyone said he was a “sell out”. The product is still a West Coast Chopper bike but the real value is lost. But Jesse is extremely famous and very wealthy. So let me leave you with this thought, Greg Glassman/CrossFit is partnering with Reebok. Is he a “sell out”?    Business is business and in the end it doesn’t matter what the product is, the end result is always the same. I guess we will see……..

Happy Lifting!

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