2010 USAPL So Cal Regional

15 Nov

Big Mike and I take gold at the So Cal Regionals!

Going into this meet we had different goals from the other meets. I had already pulled some good numbers and had a high wilks score so all I had to do was pull what I did last time and we would be good. So with that in mind we decided to take some risks. I was shooting for numbers to qualify for Nationals. Not Raw Nationals but Open Nationals. I needed 793lbs to qualify. Those numbers would have been a long shot so my goals were really 280lbs back squat, 165lbs bench, and 340lbs deadlift.

I did a 292lbs back squat which I still can’t believe. 154lbs bench. And a 330lbs deadlift. My third deadlift was 356lbs but I “hitched” which cost me and I got 3 red lights. But I did get it up so it’s considered a “gym lift”. I’m really excited about it. I am having a hard time believing I even lifted that much. Here is the video of all my last lifts including the 346lbs deadlift I was red lighted on.

I finished with a gold medal and the Best Lifter award and 4 new state records! Now back to training for the next one. Thanks to all my friends and family that came out to watch me! And a special thanks to the Crossfit Fly Girls +guy +kids who supported!!

Thank you to my Coach Max Mormont for his amazing coaching and having my back. Also my coaches Gillian and Jeff. And thanks Heather for being team photographer and for getting that “special” pic for me to admire!!! WOOT

Come watch me at the 2011 LA Fitness Expo on Jan 29th where I will be Powerlifting!

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