It was just a post it note.

7 Nov

When I started powerlifting back in February I had some goals in mind for this year and I wrote them down on a post it note and put it on the December page in my calendar. When I got home last night from the meet I turned to December and smiled.

Here we are in November, yesterday I competed in my third Powerlifting competition-The USAPL Southern California Regionals. When my coach and I talked about this meet we had 2 things in mind. #1 we wanted to get a Wilks score of 325 or higher in order to possibly have a chance at Arnold Classic IF they open it up to uninvited lifters. and #2 get a total of 793lbs which would qualify me for Nationals (equipped). That way if we decided to compete equipped next year we have that already under the belt. In order to do that we had to shoot for a couple of high numbers. By my calculations I was going to come in right under. We knew it would be a risk.

We needed a 290 back squat, 163 bench and a 340 deadlift.

Yesterday I did a 292lbs back squat, if you look back at the post it-I thought I could do a 250lbs back squat in December. I did a 160lbs bench press, post it says 150lbs in December. I also did a 347lbs deadlift*, post it says 325lbs.

*In the competition yesterday I got a “no lift” on the deadlift for a hitch at the top so it doesn’t really count toward my total and I had to go with my second lift to be legit which was 330lbs. But I did lift the weight and it is good for a gym lift. Just to prove it here is a pic of it.

This is so not a flattering picture of me and I almost didn’t post it but oh well. Lets see what you look like lifting more that twice your body weight! hehe

There were definitely some challenges at the meet yesterday and I learned a few good lessons that hopefully will help me at future competitions. We really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Looking at that post it note and knowing what I lifted yesterday I can honestly say that its unbelievable. I am really excited for the future.

The best thing about the meet is that there were a bunch of girls there lifting for the first time. They were so excited and very proud of every lift they did. I was so happy for them. A lot of people think weightlifting is a mans sport and that it makes a woman look manly not feminine like they should look. It breaks my heart that people actually think that way. ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING THEY PUT THEIR MIND ON and someone who tells them otherwise is wrong. We should never bring each other down. Always bring others up and support them. Those girls were amazing yesterday and I hope that accomplishment inspires them to do it again and again and again.

One Response to “It was just a post it note.”

  1. Christi November 7, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    Right on 🙂 Reminds me of a shirt I saw today. “I’m not a tomboy, I’m just better than you!”

    Rock on 🙂

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