Just like Columbus!

20 Oct

Going to Trader Joes is always so pleasant. I feel so happy the minute I walk in the door and there are all those beautiful flowers everywhere!! And then tonight there were pumpkins! Ahhhhh so good. Tonight I found a couple new things and I thought I would share them with you. Oh and I will say I found the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels and did stand in front of them for several minutes but didn’t buy any. I was trying to talk them into jumping in my basket so that I had to buy them like it was a rescue but when people started staring at me I finally walked away. BUT I did plan to buy them for my POST Meet food. For the record, post meet food is something I buy to eat after I compete and then I consume an ungodly amount with no guilt because I feel as though I have earned it.

So for my discovery:

Just a disclaimer I haven’t tried these yet so they could taste like a$$ but I was very excited about the number of Protein and lack of calories plus its Paleo and Primal!! Woohoo. Oh and don’t forget quick and easy to make!

Sorry the pic isn’t that great, 160 cal and 25g protein. That’s pretty dang good.

Another thing I could not just pass by and not take a picture of was these beautiful brussels sprouts.

These are so tasty and go really well with red meat. I love to throw them in a fry pan with some olive oil and sprinkle garlic, salt, pepper and maybe some Italian seasonings on them. Then top it off with some fresh parmesan cheese unless you are Paleo. Yum Yum!

So I will leave you with this thought, change your life for the better-eat your veggies!!

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