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18 Oct

I just recently went back to Poulsbo, WA to visit my dad. I have not been back in a couple years. I really love CA and love the fact that the sun comes out almost every day. I don’t usually miss WA but this trip was a little different for me. I looked at everything with new eyes this trip and appreciated all the things I don’t see in CA.

I always sit on the east side of the plane going up and back so I can see all the sites all the way up. The first thing you see is Yosemite.

A couple years ago I climbed up to Half Dome (you can see it in the pic) with my friend Carolann. It snowed right when we got to the cables to climb up so we didn’t do that last part. I think I am glad we didn’t get to because I am not sure I would be able to do it. It was a great trip though and we had an amazing time.

The next site is Crater Lake (didn’t get a good shot of it). My parents took me camping there when I was a kid, more good memories.

Next is the Three Sisters. Three little mountains right next to each other. It’s almost like they couldn’t just be one they had to all represent. Not too often you see something like that.

Then you see I think Mt Jefferson but didn’t get a pic. But next is the all mighty Mt Hood. The only mountain that comes to a perfect point! I learned how to cross-country ski on that mountain. I also used to go up there every summer and cut fire wood for the winter and it is where The Shining was filmed! Oh and Hood is one of the harder mountains to summit, more people die on it than others.

Next is one of my favorite memories. On May 18th 1980 Mt St Helens erupted. I lived in Troutdale Oregon at the time and I remember the neighbor loading all us kids in their station wagon (you know the one with the rear seat that turned backward) and driving to where we watched the whole thing explode!! It was amazing. After that we had to wear masks on our faces for days while it showered ash everywhere. It was funny after that because people traveled from all over the world to see it after it blew and paid lots of money for bottled “Mt St Helens Ash” and my mom said “Shoot we could just scrape it off the ground and sell it!” lol  Another good memory for me is I used to High Alpine Climb and Helens is one of the mountains I climbed in the winter. We had to summit in the middle of the night before the sun came out and we were roped up it is so steep. I remember it being one of my scarier climbs.

Next mountain is Adams but didn’t take a pic. And last by not least is Rainier. At roughly 13,000 ft it is always beautiful and the backdrop of Seattle. One of 2 times I thought I was going to die was on Rainier and I was only a few hundred feet from my car. I did some survival training on it and had to dig a snow cave and sleep in it. When I say dig I mean dig it with a cooking pot! Because that is something you would have if you were hiking, not a shovel. The snow was soft that day and it was snowing so we weren’t able to dig a proper cave that would have been warmer. By the time I was done I was soaked to the bone and practically froze to death that night. I really did think I was going to die. But I survived only to get up the next day and throw myself down a cliff all day practicing self arrest. Good Times!!!

Of course we finish off with an amazing picture of downtown Seattle. I have so many great memories of this city. Lived downtown for several years. Graduated from Seattle U. Many ferry boat rides. Saint Patty’s Day at Kels!  Lots lots more….

Speaking of Kels, here I am with my college “Partners in Crime” Stacey and Athena. Lets just say I think we all count our blessings that we grew up and made something of ourselves! Hell will be raised!

Until next time……

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