USPF So Cal Regional Championship

13 Sep

Last weekend was a great weekend! I went to the USPF meet with the intention to gain more experience for my next meet in November. I have been doing some volume training to gain some muscle so I will weigh in a little higher in my weight class instead of at the bottom of the class. Since we know more muscle pulls more weight and we had some room to grow (literally) it was a good idea to use it to our advantage. What is volume? Well its lifting a lot of heavy weight a bunch of times until you can’t lift no more. And you are sore for days every time.

Going into this meet we really haven’t done any new “max” lifts and I was working up to 85%-90% of my previous max so I had no idea what I could lift. I decided to open around what I maxed out at at the last meet. Just so you know at a meet I give Max my Coach all my lifts I want to hit and my warm ups on a piece of paper. I usually have some guess work on there and he decides depending on how things are going what the next lift will be. After I do the first lift Max goes up to the judges and tells them what the next lift weight will be. He doesn’t tell me what it is and I prefer that. I have an idea what it might be but its better when I get out to the bar not to know what the weight is because I don’t want to focus on a number I want to just lift the bar.

On the back squat I lifted my opener and went to the second lift. Max said “this is it Punky” so I knew on the second lift it was probably 265lbs (the goal I wanted). It was a good lift and on the last lift he put on 270lbs and that went up great!! I was stoked!

The bench went well. Its a tough lift because the judges tell you when to push the bar up and you have to hold it in the bottom until they give you the signal. It makes it a little tougher. I put 10lbs on my lift over the previous meet.

Then we go to the deadlift. I wanted to get close to 315lbs. 8 weeks before at the meet I lifted 308lbs so I thought it was doable. I opened just under 300lbs and on the second lift Max told me “this is the one you want” so I knew it was 315lbs. The weight went up easy. I figured on the last lift Max would put on 320lbs because that was what I wrote down on the paper. It wasn’t until after I lifted the weight that I saw it was 325lbs!!! I was beyond excited!!!!

Needless to say the weekend was amazing and I am so grateful for all of my friends that were there to support me. I was so happy my Coach was there after just having surgery and one of my very best friends G was there.

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