Pre-heat to 400 degrees before placing in oven……

26 Aug

I almost peed my pants laughing while watching this video!

So whats the fuss all about you ask??? Well what is the first thing you do when you go into the gym? Other than go in the bathroom and check your hair – and your butt (come on we know ya al make sure everything is in check) and then you fill your water bottle and then jump on the bench press to load up the bar and make some loud noises.  And the girls go grab a mat and one of those big beach balls and do some downward dawgs and bouncy sit ups. Then ya al go do your workout. If this isn’t you then I know you have seen these people.

YA AL NEED TO WARM UP! Maybe not disco style like the crazy people in the video but at least get the blood flowing before you shock the system into high speed. I have been reading up on why warm up is important in the book Science of Sports Training by Thomas Kurz. Thomas talks about how when the body temperature warms up you will have better elasticity and contractibility of muscles, greater efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, a shorter reaction time, improved perception, better concentration, improved coordination, and regulation of emotional states. Basically you want to prepare your system to perform at top ability. He goes on to say that your warm up should start with exercises of low intensity and build up to the intensity of the exercises that you are going to be doing during your main workout. If you start out with an intense warm-up it will use up that stored glycogen in the muscles and increase the level of lactate in the blood. When lactate increases in the blood then the use of free fatty acids for energy decreases and we don’t want to decrease energy right before we work out! He suggests a 20-40 minute warm-up and says the more intense the work out the longer the warm-up.

I usually read Mark’s Daily Apple and he just happen to post about warm-ups. He has a little different opinion about it than Thomas but he does say “Now if you’re lifting very heavy weights and subjecting your joints to high levels of force, a more thorough, diversified warmup may be in the cards, but it’s not necessary for most folks involved with Primal Blueprint Fitness.” He had a more general philosophy on working out and warm ups but if I was going to do a big workout then I for sure want to be warmed up. Read his full post here.

I’m not an expert but I usually roll out on the roller before my warm-up. It works out any leftover lactate in my muscles and gets the blood circulating. Then I do some pass throughs with the PVC pipe to get my shoulders and arms warmed up. Then do some air squats to get the legs and hips warm. I do more stretching and leg swings and move up to maybe a slow jog or some jumproping. I usually feel better than when I started and ready to work out. I also have possibly prevented injuries or strains on my systems. When I did triathlons it would take me a good 20 minutes to warm-up and when I was warm my body performed noticeably better than if I just started cold.

Next time you go in the gym and go straight to your machines or flat bench make sure you get a good warm-up in and after a few times you will feel better and always want to do a warm-up.

I dare you!! Do it!

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