Can you change the way your body burns fat?

19 Aug

Last night I attending the Primal Blueprint seminar with Mark Sisson at Orange Coast Crossfit. I think a lot of people who eat Paleo are familiar with Mark. His philosophy is very similar to Paleo but he thinks some dairy is ok and some other things. He also talks a lot about limiting your carbs. I haven’t read his book but I do read his blog. The biggest thing about what he said and the opener to his talk was this statement: “80% of your body composition is determined by how you eat.” Now think of that for a moment and let that sink in. I think Mark has nailed the hammer on the nail on this one. And I am proof of that. I lost 40 lbs on primal eating and it completely changed my life and ways of eating. I’m going to read his book and give you periodic updates but for now I will give you some highlights on the talk.

The key to getting your body to burn stored fat is to control the hormone insulin. If you eat food that releases the hormone you don’t lose stored fat. And the reverse is if you eat food that doesn’t release the hormone your body will burn stored fat. So what foods release the hormone?

There were some things that Mark said that I am interested in finding more about because now being in the powerlifting scene there still is that old traditional thinking of eating lots of carbs to sustain muscle growth and power. Mark was saying that you can reprogram your body to burn fat so much that when you miss a meal you body will burn stored fat rather than muscle. I’m sure some body builders and powerlifters would like to know more about that.

Another thing he said was that HGH (human growth hormone) increases when you fast. Which also didn’t make sense to me because athletes are all about post work out fueling. I need to look more into that too.

I do highly recommend Mark’s book and I am going to start reading it so I can better inform you on all these things.

Live longer, play harder and look better! Whats stopping you from eating Primal today? I dare you!

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