How do you pick your produce?

9 Aug

Did you know that August is one of the best months to get produce? There are so many great things in season this time of year especially one of my favorites, blueberries! My mom used to grow blueberries in her yard when we lived in Washington and they are so good fresh. Blueberry bushes actually need a good frost to produce good berries and berries that are grown around here don’t really get a good frost which is why they don’t taste so good to me. But I still eat them every day for breakfast. So back to my point, everyone is looking to save a buck these days and more people are eating healthy so I just thought I would share some tips about produce. Tip number one, the best way to get a good tasting piece of produce and to save a buck is to buy produce that is in season. How do you know what is in season? Try the Southland Farmer’s Market Association. Also when you go to a Farmers Market or a local Growers Market most of the employees know everything you need to know about what is in season.

Why does this matter to me? Eating produce changed my life. If you read my blog history you will read about my diet transformation. I NEVER ate vegetables and really didn’t bother with fruit that much. Now most of my carbohydrate intake comes from fruit and vegetable. I have also learned that there are better and healthier ways to choose your produce like eating locally grown and eating what is in season. And if you can grow your own even better!

So I challenge you to eat more produce instead of carbs that come in a box or a bag and I also encourage you to post your favorite produce and how you like to eat it.

I love asparagus and brocoli seasoned with a little olive oil and garlic salt heated in the micro for 1 min then tossed. Great side dish to your protein.

Happy eating!

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