Punky Goes to Max Power Gym!

1 Aug

This weekend I headed out to Lancaster to visit Mario and his crew at Max Power  Gym. I had a great time working out with everyone. It’s really awesome to see Tracee Patterson who killed it at the CA State Games with a 380lb deadlift!! She is an amazing woman and great to hang out with. She even told me that she is going for a 400lb DL at our next meet. WOW I am totally excited for that!

Mario has a great gym out there and all of his crew are crazy strong including him. It’s definitely a powerlifting gym complete with chains, rev hyper extension, lots of iron, a prowler and no sign of jump ropes and/or boxes for jumping on. And did I mention there was a lot of iron?! I think at one point I looked over at the guys and they has something like 8 or 9 plates on each side! Thats more than a car!

So this week my coach comes home from China and I am so happy! It will be great to have my friends back. I am still on volume work outs.

Love the Bar!

One Response to “Punky Goes to Max Power Gym!”

  1. jillb August 1, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    where is the “like” button?

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