Turn up the Volume!

26 Jul

Sorry its been so long. After the CA State Games I took a little break and went back East for some family stuff and then came back to the gym. My first day back my coach “Turns up the Volume!” on me! This is a new one for me. Heavy sets of 12/10/8/6. Its kinda hard to get back into it but I do like the way I feel after doing 12 in a row. Im looking forward to building more strength and my next competition.

So here is the good stuff. At the CA St Games I broke 4 state records so now I am currently the state record holder for Raw Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Powerlifting Total in the 165lb weight class. Woohoo!! Now the next meet I have on the agenda is a practice meet in Sept and then CA USAPL regional meet in November where I am going to go for 2 American records one in the Back Squat and the other in the Deadlift. Im pretty close now so I think its doable.

Do it!!!

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