Dreams give purpose!

2 Jul

This video really touched me for so many reasons. Mostly it touched me because the passion and feelings that she has for what she does, I also have for what I do. I have to say that most days, driving to the gym to lift brings me more peace than all the other things I do that day.

I think its kinda funny how I found out about Lisa and her dream. My boss and I are the same age and we work pretty closely together so we have gotten to know each other. I talk to her about my training and what I do. Recently I was talking about how sometimes people don’t really understand why I lift weights and its not always received very well by some. So a couple nights ago she sent me a link to a video of Lisa on Yahoo of Lisa and I was so inspired I had to get more of the story so I googled her and got the video above. BUT she trained at Coach B’s gym with Sage! Thats where I learned how to do Olympic Lifting and I trained with one of Coach B’s trainers Ashley! How cool is that!! Weightlifting is such a small world. Coach B’s son and daughter in-law are at the Olympic Training Facility in CO right now training for the Olympics!

A lot of times we get caught up in the day to day grind, our responsibilities and just stuff…..and we forget to dream and set goals. I’ve always been that person that had to have the next step planned or I would have no purpose. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to be putting all my efforts toward. My new dreams of setting records and achieving all my goals with powerlifting have given me passion and a whole new purpose.

What are your dreams?

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