Hell Week

28 Jun

Now I have learned that 3 weeks before a meet is “Hell Week”. We are working out 3 days a week which normally would be a break. But no we are doing all three lifts, heavy, all three days. By the second day Big Mike and I could hardly move after, we were so tired and sore. We are used to doing all those lifts heavy only one day a week so it was a big step. I actually loved feeling tired and sore. Since we have been working out really steady its not too often that I get sore now with these slow progressions.

So on Sat I set my openers which will be my 3 rep max. This week we are still on 3 days and all three lifts but I am staying at my openers and just getting those done. I still feel tired and the bar feels heavy off and on during my lifts but overall I am really happy with the weight I am putting up and I am confident I will hit my 700lb goal.

As far as meet prep goes, I have all my gear. I am making a list of things I shouldn’t forget:

foam roller


handy wipes

my converse in case they don’t let me wear my lifting shoes

knee high socks that are required for deadlift so you don’t get blood on the bar when you drag it up your leg

:::more stuff to add as time gets closer.

On a sad note, the rest of my team didn’t get signed up in time and missed the cutoff. So now I am the only one lifting from the team. I hope they come to cheer me on tho. There are 4 girls in my class so I am happy there will be competition! Wish I could settle down the nerves……

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