It doesn’t hurt to see what you are working with……..

21 Jun

Good stuff this weekend. First it started at Crossfit 714 with the Crossfit Football Certification. Big Mike and I were invited by our coach to come lift with the group. After listening to some good lecture from my favorite “King of Pain” Rolf (I think thats how he spells it?) we started on some back squat, did some dead lift and then benched. Mike and I both were jazzed to lift in front of people and we both put up some big weight. Our couch thought it would be good to be around a lot of people while lifting for the experience and he was right. I think it was good for us. They had a lot of good info at the football cert. I think I might want to do one someday, I highly recommend it.

 Sunday the Mens Powerlifting Nationals was going on in Palm Springs so I thought I would go check it out. I really wanted to see how things worked so I knew what I would be working with at my first meet. On a side note my mom decided to go cause she has a friend there she could visit while I am watching the comp. On a side side note my mom HATES weightlifting and especially the fact that I am doing it. ok I get there and go in and the first thing is I am greeted by this very cute little “older” lady who charges me $5 to get in. We start talking and I was asking questions, come to find out she is Deb Hairston world record holder for Masters Bench just 2 years ago in Germany!!! AND she started powerlifting when she was 48, and now is a full time coach in PA. Super nice lady. I kept thinking that I wish my mom could meet her and see how she is normal and a powerlifter. I sat down and met some other really nice people from Mississippi (I just love typing that name!) anyway their son was lifting that day and they had a teammate that lifted the day before watching with them. It was great, they filled me in on all the rules and how the  process goes. They answered all my crazy questions and did I mention how nice they were and with their accents and all.

My mom calls to say she is done with her friend and will come watch with me. When she got there I had to give her a little talking to in the lobby, went like this: “Now mom these are the SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT class. These guys are big because they are tall. I wont look this big because I am short. I will stay the same size I am now.” Followed by a “Please don’t say anything negative out loud or embarrass me.”  I have to give her credit, she did well. She only said “I just don’t understand why you would want to lift that much for no reason, its not feminine.” She watched like a trooper and now when she goes to my meet she will have that initial shock out of the way.

Regardless I thought the competition was AMAZING and I am so excited for my first meet. I just want to have fun and make my team and coach proud. I do have a summary of observations from the meet:

  • Everyone was sniffing smelling salt before they went on the platform. You should try it sometime, its aweful but I guess it gets them all ampted up. Not sure how I feel about that.
  • the judges were tough and can ruin your day.
  • You don’t want to have too high of an opening weight cause if you miss all 3 you have lost the whole meet. Some guys came out and bombed the Back Squat which is the first lift. They miss all 3 and they just had a very expensive trip to Palm Springs to wear a leotard in public and hang out in a convention center.
  • Apparently if you beat the crap out of yourself and have others participate in the beating, not only is it legal but you lift better as a result.
  • Yelling crazy loud things can also help lift.
  • My favorite was the guy who pounded his head into the bar and scraped the nerling (sp?) over his head as he passed under the bar. Hence the bald path down his head.
  • last but not least, when the guys set up the rack for the next lifter it is like a car coming in to pit at a Nascar race. There are like 6 guys changing weight, the height of the rack, the angle of the rack arms, putting on the end pieces and then a guy who evens the bar out. It was a site to see.

Please God don’t let me pee or throw up on the platform…….or anything else in those categories. ::::knock on wood:::::

One Response to “It doesn’t hurt to see what you are working with……..”

  1. MOM June 22, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    I still don’t like it and think you are possessed by some alien force that makes you want to sabatage my grandparent status.

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