Super Human

16 Jun

I had no idea when I got to the gym today that I was going to become super human. Well super human for me at least. Today was heavy bench day. I have been making steady gains on the bench but nothing out of the ordinary. The weight is usually heavy and I have been struggling a little with the elbows down form and keeping the bar away from my head. I even struggled a little last week. But came in tonight slapped on 2 45lb plate and did 3 sets of 3 like I had been doing it every week. I feel great and I am so happy to see progress in my weakest lift. I dream of benching 200lbs!!!

On the diet side of things, I am staying pretty on task with all the food I have to eat and keeping the calories down to 1700 ish. I am changing the time I eat my afternoon snack so that it gives me more energy and blood circulation for my evening work out. Instead of having it at 3 I am eating it just after 5 for my 6pm work out. I am not as concerned about being thin anymore because I am more into being healthy and lifting healthy. I still have 10lbs left to max out in my weight class and I am comfortable there. As long as the weight keeps going up then I am good!!! And tonight I am really good!!!

I want to give a little shout out to my partner “Big Mike”! He is a total power house and when he puts weight on the bar bends!! Keep it up buddy, lets lift some heavy weight and if you want to grease up and wear shiny spandex I will still be your partner. (but I will get it all on tape!) :::::knuckles::::::

One Response to “Super Human”

  1. Nate June 18, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Good Job Punky!

    1700Kcal yeesh, i think I get that much from eating spiders when I sleep.

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