Wrap up…….

6 Jun

Monday: Mondays are heavy lift day of Back Squat and Dead Lift. This is week 17 of my training and we have gone through several levels of training. We are just finishing doing work sets of 5 reps and now this week we started work sets of 3. I have been progressively increasing my weight every week and this week was no different. I completed 6 sets of 3 of back squat with work sets at 229lbs. Then went to dead lift. Last week I struggled a little with my lift and was to repeat the weight. Because I am a tool sometimes, Coach wanted me to move up anyway and I forgot and did the same weight. The lifts went very well. Coach was mad I didn’t go up so he said “lets get you to 300lbs today”. We loaded 286lbs on the bar and lifted no problem. Mind you I just did 6 HEAVY work sets. Then we put 297lbs on the bar and lifted no prob, but I could tell my body was done for the day. We loaded 301lbs on the bar and I got it about 1 inch off the ground and stopped. But I am super stoked about the 297lbs, here is the lift……

Tuesday: rest day but I bought a new Jeep!! Woohoo

Wednesday: Benched work sets of 130lbs, my form is getting really good on Bench. We have been working on my triceps strength and it has really been helping. Dropping my elbows has really taken some stress off my shoulders. Love the skull crushers!

Thursday: Tempo work and some auxiliary training. Big Mike and I have been developing our relationships with the sleds. I think we both have learned to live with the ups and downs of these relationships but this week it took a turn for the worst. We had to drag the sleds by our ankles. After the second round Big Mike and I were bitchen and moaning up a storm. Our ankles were already sore and it took a while before we weren’t falling all over the place. Training can’t always be fun so I guess we can live with it. I will push and pull the things any day before I strap that thing to my ankle tho! Today we tried Sumo Deadlift at 50% of our max which is a little different from the style we have been doing up until this point. It was the first time I had ever done it. I was pretty light headed on the first few lifts and on the 5th one I passed out for the first time ever. I know other people who have passed out it just has never happened to me. Couple things I think happened: my food was a little off that day – my afternoon snack was not as much as usual, I think my hands were too close together – closing off my chest a little causing my abs to be a little tight and not my back, and last we were dropping at the top. After some research I read that not bringing the weight back down might be a factor in blood circulation. I am going to work through it tho and just pray it doesn’t happen again.

Friday: Rest day so I took my top off!! On the Jeep that is……I know you went there didn’t you?

Saturday: More tempo  and fun aux……box jumps! love em and wish I did more. Wide grip pullups and dips – love em, floor DB press – this was my favorite and I was sore the next day so I know it worked! After my workout I was headed out the door when I hear “Punky can you stick around and help us?” Sure what do you need? “Can you do the team Crossfit Workout so we have event teams?” Crap should have left when I had the chance. But really it was fun and we kicked butt! Deadlifts and double unders, two of my best movements!!

There are 5 weeks left until competition. Im excited! My singlet is backordered but I hope it will be here soon. I am going to start working on a list of things I will need to take with me to the meet. I am really going to focus on my mental game so I don’t get all nervous. I am so grateful I have an amazing coach and a great team and the support of my gym-mates!

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