I think I peed a little……

13 May

I’ve been getting all my things in order for my first competition and reading up on stuff. In doing all that I also have been checking out different websites and such. I went to the USA Powerlifting website and came across some useful tips for women under the special women’s section and it brought back some interesting memories. One of my most embarrassing moments was a long time ago in college. I was at the gym with my friend Stacey and I was on the counter weighted lat pull-up machine and I let one go on accident. And it was not so lady like. Needless to say there were a few guys on a flat bench not too far away and there were no ducks in the room to blame. I was mortified! I think it took me 2 weeks before I would show my face in the gym again. Now come back to real-time where I spend all my time at a gym where people lift some heavy weight all the time. Farting at my gym is as normal as sweating. For some people it’s normal for them to let one go when lifting the bar. Not that I do it all the time but unlike when I was in college I would probably not even blush if one slipped out.

Now farting isn’t the only embarrassing thing that can happen when lifting a lot of weight. Take this picture for example. This was the first time I ever really lifted a lot of weight. And if you can take a good look at my face you can see I am straining, REEEEEALLY straining. When it was all over I thought “I think I peed a little”. Well thank God it wasn’t a lot just a little tinkle but it could have been another embarrassing moment.

So in my search for information I came across these “Helpful Tips” that I thought I would share with you. There were several “tips” but this one stood out the most for me:

  • It is strongly recommended that you wear a feminine pad when squatting and deadlifting. You never know when your body will hit its limit and you don’t want to have an embarrassing moment on the platform.

The first thing I think is in this situation is not only are there a few people in your very near personal space but there is a whole audience of people watching you, watching ONLY YOU. The second thing I think is how big a pad we talking here??? Like a lite day or do we go for the full double pad with wings??? The last thing I think is how can I prevent this from going all wrong in the first place?!?!?!

I will add another tip here: “Make sure you empty the tank before your lift”.

In the end, since I have had plenty of life experience I know I will be the one who has a story to tell because that is the way my life is. So I am just going to wear my pad just in case and pray for the best. Also I will not eat anything exotic the night before a meet.

Feel free to post your embarrassing moments so I don’t feel alone in this world, with my double pad with wings. 🙂

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