The Prowler

3 May

Meet the Prowler! I have begun an intimate relationship with the Prowler and we are starting to get past the honeymoon stage. This video is just an example of the amazing training I am getting now. Max has me doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Box squats, side lunges with a sandbag on my shoulders putting my nose to my knee, reverse hyper extensions and bench bent over rows are all examples of my new work outs. But I have to admit that I LOVE it. and I am getting stronger every day so I can’t complain. And I think my trainers are the bomb!

I getting closer to our first competition and tonight I back squatted 3 sets of 5 at 218lbs and dead lifted 265 for 5! I get so excited when I lift more every week and I think wow this is amazing and then I come in the next week and lift more. It’s a great feeling. I am getting into some heavy weight so I just pray that I keep going up. For those of you who have never lifted crazy heavy weight it can get scary. I get kinda nervous when I back squat but I am learning how to deal with the fear. When I make the lifts I feel higher than a kite! Its amazing.

Some other things I have been dealing with is the eating and the weight gain. I have gained about 10lbs and my skinny jeans don’t fit. I’ve never really had a body complex so I am a little surprised that this has even taken time up in my head. I love the way I feel when I lift due to the eating and weight. I don’t get too light headed and I have been making good gains so I am really happy with it all but I don’t feel so great when I look in the mirror. When I say this is a problem I don’t mean a big problem by any means I just think about it a little. I am confident with myself and believe that people should love what is inside and not worry about the outside as long as I am healthy and putting years on my life not taking them away this is what it is.

So I will leave you with this thought, Lifting heavy weight is really awesome and if there is something that you are passionate about you should put your heart into it! Passion is that little glow that surrounds your whole body so much that people think you changed something about yourself! “Let it shine!”

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