Punky Power!

18 Apr

I just ended my 10th week of Powerlifting training and I have 12 weeks left until my first competition. This last week was a really good week. Up until this point there has been a lot of tweeking of my form (with lots more tweeking in the future) but because of the change in my form it set my back squat back a bit in weight. I also hit a wall right away in my dead lift so I have been coming back up on that. I had very little experience in bench so that was just a matter of getting weight on. So this week I finally hit 207lbs on my back squat for 3 sets of 5 which puts me up to where I was working before. I feel like now I am really making some progress. I am sure it’s going to be hard moving forward now because I am in some heavy weight but I am ready for the challenge. This week I also lifted my heaviest work set of dead lift at 251lbs for a set of 5. Last time I did a work set of 240lbs I did a 1 rep max of 285lbs so I am hoping that I can pull 300lbs now. When it comes to bench the heaviest I have ever lifted was 125lbs and that was probably more than 9 months ago and this week I benched almost that for 3 sets of 5.

****so on a side story when I think about benching this might seem a little silly but I think…..since I could probably bench at least 135lbs a couple of times, I secretly think about going into a 24 Hour Fitness (I used to work out there religiously) and slapping 2 45lb plates on each side of a bar and getting under it and gettin out a couple reps and watching all the guys drop their jaws. But on the other hand only at 24 hour would that happen cause most women powerlifters can left a LOT more than me. (humble moment)

So lifting is great, the diet is another thing. Well actually the diet is awesome because I have never felt better at the gym. I feel ready for my lifts everyday when I follow the diet. I feel healthy, and I don’t really get light headed as much as I used to when lifting. BUT I am putting on weight and not fitting in my clothes as well and that is a little taxing on my self-esteem. I know what I want and that is to win, so the weight isn’t too upsetting but after losing 40lbs its tough. I am trying to eat clean so I don’t add a lot of fat and stay as lean as I can but it’s not easy at all. So I think this is a work in progress.

The other thing is I am so grateful to have some amazing coaches who actually care about my success and constantly do what they can to make me a winner. I have so much respect for Max and appreciate everything he has done for me. He is always educating himself and learning more about my sport to provide the best training for us. I trust him and have total confidence in his training. I feel so lucky!! 

There is my update. Until next time, GET SOME!

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