Not so lean, and lean.

28 Mar

Not Lean:

Saturday after my workout some of us headed to the Strong Man competition going on in Huntington Beach. We were only there for a short time but I did catch the first and second event. First was this relay type event. I have no idea what all this is called. They had to farmer carry these big weights down to the tires, then flip them back down the way then drag a sled full of weight the rest of the way.

After this they had to pull the tractor or if they were bigger guys they had to pull the dump truck. Lets just say the dump truck never moved.

It was cool watching these guys. I think it would be really cool to see a big event where there are more pro level guys doing this!!

5% or less LEAN:

I attended my first body building competition on Saturday.  Aubrey from my gym was a competitor so a bunch of us went down to support her. I don’t really know much about this sport and just like most people I had my ideas and thoughts about it. But let me tell you first hand it really isn’t like what I thought. The people do look great in person. I think seeing them on TV makes it look a little harsh. It was amazing to see all those crazy muscles. I also thought the women looked amazing!  They work so hard to get to competition and do so many things that most people would never do. Lots of time and money goes into this sport.

Aubrey was so awesome. Her body is beautiful and when she is in the gym I can’t stop staring and wishing I was remotely as hot as she is. At the competition I thought she looked so good and she had the best smile.

She is the one in green:

She got second place and we are all so proud of her!! I am excited to learn more about this stuff and keep supporting her on her way to reach her goals!

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