15 weeks and counting……….

22 Mar


It’s official, well at least as official as it can be when you list your name on this board at the gym. So far these are the peeps that are going to the CA Games. And Punky will wep we sent!

I’m really excited to have something to look forward to in July. I’m trying to be really patient since powerlifting is a long-term goal for me but since I am not usually a patient person I am just wanting to get out there. So we are taking some people to the CA State Games for Oly lifting and a few for Powerlifting. I am hoping there is some sort of thing before that considering I’ve never done this before and it’s not uncommon for me to do something totally embarrassing the first go around (I know what you are going to say Gladden).

This week has started out good. Max gave me some guidelines for eating and I was on that today. Made my back squat and felt good. Missed my press but I am not surprised on that. I’ve been moving up pretty steady on that and I am real close to the wall I can feel it. But I will get it next week. Max and G showed me some hip thing tonight and I need more practice on it. Its kinda like dancing with a bar over your head and no partner and I’m just not good at that. I will be happy in a week or so when I start squatting in the 200lbs area. I have felt a little inadequate since I was doing sets of 215lbs a few months ago.

Let the countdown begin! WOOT WOOT!

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