This That and what not

19 Mar

Its been hard to find something to blog about this last month since I am in this “new” stage. I have been just taking in all my new surroundings and happenings instead of talking about everything. Now that I have had a chance to settle in and experience some new stuff I am reflecting on the past month.

Im about 7 weeks into my new training program. I really like my new gym and all my coaches. My teammates are also really great and everyone at the gym has been really nice and doing a great job of welcoming me in. So lets start with my training program. Its nothing major, basically Max put me on a progressive training program. I’m familiar with that since I have done it before. We started out with some light weight so he could work on my form in all my lifts. Starting with my squat. Based on all the changes that were made I think my form was pretty bad. We brought my feet out and turned my heels in. We took my chest and brought it up a lot! Which in turn brought my back up and more straight and that brought the bar up higher on my shoulders. After doing this it was hard to get used to heavy weight because I couldn’t feel the support of my feet right under me. But now I am using more of my butt muscles and progressively I am feeling better. And the weight is going up.

My bench changed with some movement of my hand position and also rolling my shoulders under me more helped get the bar up.

Deadlift didn’t change too much, higher butt wider stance.

Then came the weight belt. I ordered a powerlifting belt from Best Belts and when I got it thought I had ordered a towing strap! There was no way it was going to work for me. It was huge and think and huge! It hurt me. But when I got to the gym Coach said yeah thats nice. AAHHH! but it was a bit too long so I did order a new one. The couple that own Best Belts are super nice and found me a special strip of soft leather and also softened it a bit before they stitched it. When I got it it was pretty great and now I love it.

Things have been great. I do miss CrossFit and that VO2 Max but I love lifting heavy weight more. I have been eating pretty bad lately so I have added some weight back on. Its hard to manage eating enough to lift good and keeping the fat off but I am hoping to get on a more structured diet soon. I still have ups and downs like I did with CF. Last week I rolled almost 200lbs over the top of my head. (not so fun) Then I cleaned my boobs. Meaning I ripped the bar off the ground and slammed it into my boobs only to get a nice green bruise under both. And my olympic lifting still sucks so now that I can get heavy weight in the air I can’t figure out how to catch it without it crashing on me. I have some nice bruises across my chest and on my shoulders.

This week we added some fun extra training after I lift and that makes me really happy. I enjoy working out hard and love it when I have extra to do.

So there you have it. I am hoping to keep up a little better so you all have more to read.

I will leave you with a parting shot of the hottest weightlifters in the world!!

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