2010 So Cal CrossFit Sectionals

15 Mar

Kelley Urbani in WOD #3 doing Overhead Squats like a pro. Kelley finished 5th place at the Sectionals and will be competing in the Regionals in May.

This weekend was awesome! There were some major competitors that came out for the sectionals. There were 2 WOD’s on Sat and a final WOD on Sunday. The top 20 women and 20 men qualified for the regionals, from there only 4 will go to the Games. The WOD’s were brutal with a chipper as the first one with trips up and down the stadium stairs at UCLA’s Drake Stadium. The second WOD was no more forgiving with cleans and handstand pushups, then snatch, pullups and rowing. On day two with little recovery time WOD 3 was filled with max efforts of rowing, deadlifts, L sits, Overhead Squats, pullups and running. I would have died at the stairs on day 1. Kelley has been training all year for this weekend and didn’t disappoint.

Ryan came out from my gym as well and did an awesome job. Here he is doing his double unders.

Justin my coach from my home gym came out in full force. The competition for the men was very strong and Justin hung with them like a champ. On Sunday Justin struggled with cramping  and was unable to finish where he hoped. He was amazing when he rowed in the 3rd WOD setting the record for the entire field. I know he will come back next year with a vengeance.

Mike ended up competing at the last minute and with no training for the competition did really well. He showed amazing strength when he sprinted to the finish in the very last WOD at the end. Here is Mike doing his snatches. (I know that doesn’t sound right)

Last but certainly not least Robin kicked some major butt!! I was so proud of her! She has been training really hard the last couple months and she looks great. She ended up in 21st place which is awesome but since the top 20 qualified its probably the most disappointing place. I hope to see her come back next year to finish it! Here she is doing her double unders.

Even though I was signed up to compete I am so glad I didn’t because I would have not done well. It was a very challenging competition. Everyone did really well. Congrats to all that competed in the Fittest man/woman contest!

Parting shot: My spectating partner for the weekend, Mack!

Parting parting shot: Even the camera guy was doing air squats!

One Response to “2010 So Cal CrossFit Sectionals”

  1. jill b March 23, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    I love that you got the camera guy doing air squats – you will always have crossfit in your ❤ !!!

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