Got Muscles?

5 Feb

Lately I have been doing my Olympic Lifting Training up at Sean Waxman’s place Pure Strength since Ashley my coach is going to school up there. I contacted Sean some time back about getting on a power lifting team and since I didn’t want to drive to LA every day it kinda fizzled out for me. But I am stoked to be hanging at his gym a little and learning more about him. He is a former national level competitive olympic weightlifter and just watching him yesterday snatching some crazy weight made the hair on my neck stand straight up! He is also a really nice guy with a “hey yoos gauyz” Brooklyn accent. I started reading his blog and come to find out he is pretty smart too. I have been following his series of posts “30 things you can do right now to get stronger in a month”.

So I highly recommend you check Sean’s site out and if you ever need some strength training definitely give him a call.

I will leave you with a parting shot of me at Sean’s place. I am getting yelled (well she doesn’t really yell but she does get this really disappointed face that makes me feel like a Oly ra-tard) at by Ashley. She is telling me to keep my back tight, back tight, back tight, back tight!

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