The ups and the downs

19 Jan

Last night and tonight we did the CrossFit total at the gym. There is always crazy energy and large amounts of people at this WOD. There were some major PR’s set in the last couple days. I was expecting to have some good increases but I have been across the board on results lately and emotions so I went into it with a goal but didn’t want to go overboard so much that I would be disappointed.

On June 26th, 2009 I did my first CFT=Press #75, Back Squat #175, Dead lift #235 TOTAL #485

On August 21st, 2009 did my second CFT=Press #80, Back Squat #180, Dead Lift #260 TOTAL #520

Tonight January 19th, 2010 CFT=Press #90, Back Squat #230, Dead Lift #285 TOTAL #605

In 7 months I increased my CFT by 120 lbs. My goal was to get to 600 total. One of my goals was to do a 300# dead lift by Jan and I really don’t think I am that far off. I didn’t make it this time but will more time I think I will reach that goal. Lifting weight is something I really enjoy and getting my hands on the bar give me a thrill I cannot explain. It’s very empowering.

When you put your mind to something and work through the steps to achieving your goals you can move mountains, literally!

And then you have your downs.  

Everyone gets them. I was talking to a girl at the gym yesterday that wanted to stop Paleo because she was going crazy. You can read back to when I started Paleo and went crazy too. You just have to push through the tough time and trust me the bright side is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Right now I am at a wall with the pull ups. I don’t even want to get up on the bar I hate them so much. My hands have finally healed after the Throwdown and tonight I tried to do some pull ups. I could hardly do one. Its defeating me, so much that I really want to pull out of the sectional.

So when I got home tonight and was pouting around I was thinking about a girl who comes into our gym once and a while to train when she travels on business. She is a power lifter. She makes me look like mini-me. My mouth hangs wide open when I see her dead lift 335# like it was no big deal. She was telling me how she is going to the sectional in her area and how she is strong but lacks the endurance. She is like me or I am like her……I think when you realize you are not alone in the world the bad gets better. So tomorrow when I wake up I will have this day behind me and the only way I can go is forward. There will probably be more days like this but I plan to face my fears, know that am doing the best I can and whatever happens I will have tried. If I go to the sectional and cannot do any pull ups I will know that I may not be able to pull my own weight up to the bar but I sure as hell can lift twice that off the ground!!!

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