Silly Boys Crossfit is for girls!

17 Jan

The OC Throwdown went off last weekend! The event was a huge success. And all the girls brought their game. Congrats to everyone at OCC! Especially Olga for bringing home the Silver!

We also need to give a big hand to Lindsay for kicking some major bootay all weekend!!

The competition consisted of 3 workouts and the top women after the 3rd workout would move on to the last round.

The first workout was:

7 rounds for time of: 5 squat clean thrusters and 10 toes to bar. The thrusters were to start at 45# and increase 5# every round.

Workout #1 Rx Girls doing toes to bar


Then the dreaded workout #2:

for time: 20 chin ups, 500 meter row, 20 chin ups, 500 meter row, 20 chin ups.

This workout was pretty difficult because that is a lot of pull ups. For the intermediate division we had to do the first 5 of each set unbroken then the rest could be broken. The bar was hard on everyone. Most of the competitors had damage on their hands from the bar and several were bad enough to take them out of the competition entirely. I was lucky to have little damage and was able to continue.

On Sunday round 3 consisted of:

5 rounds of: 45 seconds of as many reps as possible dead lifts at 155#, rest 15 sec, as many reps as possible burpees, 15 sec rest.

After the third round all three of us girls got word that we would all be going to the last round

First part was you have 5 minutes to reach a max weight Clean.

with no rest you move to part 2: as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of Cindy which is 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air squats.

then part 3 with no rest: row as many calories as possible in 5 minutes.

The weekend was so awesome and I am so proud of everyone who competed. The OCC guys did great also. I was really impressed with the amount of energy that was at the event and the spirit and drive of all the competitors. You could just feel the positive energy in the warehouse!

Now that the event has passed I am looking forward to more training and getting ready for the sectional in March. But I did take a couple days off since my body felt like it had been ran over by a small compact sized car.

One Response to “Silly Boys Crossfit is for girls!”

  1. G March 23, 2010 at 5:05 pm #

    Hey! Look at me watching your cleans at the Throwdown before you ever even came to us! It was fate! I remember Jen said you were a Burg lifter, so I was checkin you out!

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