Jump Rope

30 Dec

We do a lot of jump roping in CrossFit. It is great to build endurance, and strength. It provides impact to keep those bones strong and really gets your cardio vascular system in shape. Now in CrossFit we don’t just jump around we do double unders which is when the rope passes twice under your feet before your feet hit the ground. Some people are just naturals at double unders and others……well lets just say when they see double unders in the WOD they think “there goes my time on this one”.

When I came to the gym and heard they did double unders I suddenly felt like a million bucks! As I whip out my personal competition speed rope and warm up with a few singles……….(insert egotistical confidence here). ok just kidding, Justin still kicks my butt in them but he can’t do a double under with a cross! See I used to be on a competitive jump rope team (years ago but I still got it). I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across a website of a professional jump roper. It brought back a lot of memories. I can do lots of tricks on a rope but nothing like this girl. I can do a double under backwards and maybe still pull off a triple under but the stuff they do now is INSANE!

I thought I would share just a clip of some of the stuff they are doing now at competitions. And if you look at this video pretty much the whole first part of the routine is double unders, it’s just hard to tell because they are going so fast.

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