27 Dec
3 sets of 5 at 200lbs, this was last set

PR = Personal Record 

Well the holidays are hear hence the lack of posts. I will be working on this in the future. But here is a little update on some shtuff…… 

For the last 3-4 weeks I have been working with Coach J on a strength training program. Strength is my strength (lol) so we are building on that right now and then in 4-5 more weeks I will start working on my weaknesses in order to prepare for the Crossfit Sectionals. My plan is to play hard and see what happens. I have no expectations at this point there is some serious competition out there. 

I started the strength training with the following stats: 

Back Squat 1 rep max: 180lbs 

Bench 1 rep max: 125lbs 

Deadlift 1 rep max: 260lbs 

Press 1 rep max: 80lbs 

After 3 weeks of this training stats: 

Back Squat 3 sets of 5: 210lbs 

Bench 3 sets of 5: 120lbs 

Deadlift 1 set of 5: 240lbs 

Press 3 sets of 5: 75lbs 

I can’t even explain how I felt when I hit 200# on the back squat (pictured above). I felt naturally high as a kite, but then hit 210# by the end of that week. How crazy! Strength training has been really fun for me for the most part but can also be a little frustrating. There is a few things that I have learned. First, you have to eat and sleep when you do this. If I eat bad or don’t get a good amount of sleep I miss my lifts that day. If I do any kind of exercise in between lifting days I miss my lifts. And now I am at a point where the weight is really heavy for my body so I really have to get my head in the game too. My Oly Coach Ashley tells me to “talk to the bar, own it” she has taught me to really concentrate when I lift and now I really breath good, hold my breath then when I come up I say “up!” And it may seem weird but it works for me. I really like lifting a lot, I miss doing the WODs with the crew but I know by the time I am done I will be crazy strong and ready to start the rest of my training. 

Ironically I have been hearing of some other great stories about women and weight lifting. My friend in Colorado sent me this link about a women setting records and fighting cancer!

A couple days after getting this link I received my Seattle University Magazine and there was an article about Paula Houston. Here is a video of her at the 2007 World Masters where she placed first with a 374# Back Squat, 231# Bench, and a 385# Dead lift. Guess I have a ways to go………

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