Big weekend of Snatch, Cleans and Jerks!

11 Dec

This video is of Matthias Steiner and his gold medal performance of the Clean and Jerk at the 2008 Olympic Games he is lifting 258kg which is roughly 568lbs!!

This last weekend I went down to San Diego for my Olympic Lifting Certification with Coach Mike Burgener. For the last month and a half I have been getting some training on the moves from Coach Ashley at Mike’s Gym which really helped me at the Cert. There are 3 lifts involved with Olympic lifting; the snatch, the clean, and the jerk (both in the video above). All 3 lifts are pretty technical and I think challenging for the most part. So the best thing about the cert was the people that were there. Coach Mike, his son Casey who was an alternate on the 2008 Olympic Team, his daughter Sage who is an amazing lifter, Bob Takano (trained way to many famous weightlifters to count), and Erin Okonek who was on the National Oly team. We were in some good company.

We spent the first day going over the Burgener warm up and skills transfer exercises and then worked on the snatch. After the first day I felt I had learned a lot. We had the opportunity to practice teaching with our piers and using the skills we learned to see mistakes and correct them.

The second day we continued going over the snatch and then got into the clean and jerk. Again I am not good at getting the bar off the floor but I can jerk it over my head pretty good. Sunday was great and then at lunch the trainers got out the weights and started doing some lifting. That was really cool to see. Casey is about 50lbs lighter than he was but still didn’t have a problem thowing 400lbs over his head! CRAZY!!

So now I have my cert and in 1.5 weeks I will have my level I cert also. Can’t wait!!

One Response to “Big weekend of Snatch, Cleans and Jerks!”

  1. Ian December 16, 2009 at 7:01 am #

    Yo Punky — I hope you all are training hard.. the OC CrossFit Throwdown (by Orange Coast CrossFit) is coming up. The event is sold out to competitors, but that shouldnt stop you from attending. We are expecting 500+ people. Volunteers are needed.

    The T-Shirts are Insane get one today and a spectator ticket here:

    train hard

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