Just when you thought regular burpees were hard enough

30 Nov

While doing my regular daily blog surfing I came across a WOD post that had freestyle burpees in it. I was using my imagination here but decided to investigate further and here is what I got.

The only thing I could think was I better keep this a secret cause if our coach catches wind of this we will be doing it! But for real he is probably already aware of it. Some people really love burpees but not me. I usually do them with my eyes closed (for real, if you ever see me do them I actually close my eyes cause they hurt so much).

Today was our first official all girls WOD. It was a small turnout due to the holiday I am sure but the quality was amazing! Piper, Jill, and Diana showed some major spirit and busted through a workout I was sure would be a killer. 21, 18,15, 12, 9, 6, 3 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, and Push Press. I felt like a proud mom as everyone worked their butts off. I did the work out after everyone was gone and I didn’t do nearly as good because I didn’t have anyone there pushing me.  I felt like the girl in Bridget Jones Diary when she was drinking wine in her apartment singing “All By Myself”.

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