What gives?

25 Nov

This blog started as my own personal blog that was a great way to let my friends and family know what I was up to, as well as have an online personal scrapbook of my adventures. Over the course of the last few months my blog has transformed into something more. It’s a lot less about me and more about health and fitness, Crossfit and stuff. With all the changes I have been thinking about a new name and if I should just have 2 separate blogs. In the end I came up with the name “The By Product” which have several meanings. On a personal level my “By Product” is who I am today after the pursuit of all my goals and overcoming my challenges. Everyday my “By Product” is something different as growth and change comes with every breath. On a non personal level I thought it was a great title for a majority of the other content and people I write about and the name is marketable, so there you have it. I also decided to keep all my old personal content in the archives because well it is what it is, I spent a lot of time on it, some of it’s pretty comical and because I am keeping it there.

I hope you like the change. I am going to leave you with a cute little video from one of our local CF guys.

KB Wants You To Stay Focused from Andrew Garcia on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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