Co-ed verses All Girls

18 Nov

Everyone is really liking the girls only wod  and asking for more. I am hoping soon it will be part of the schedule officially and then I am sure it will grow. I was reading Jessica Sharratt’s Blog today and she had a post on this very thing so I thought I would share.  She writes:

“Sometimes there seems to be this idea that the Women’s Only CrossFit classes are not as hard as the co-ed classes. This is probably the biggest misconception about this program! In no way are the Women’s Only classes different from the Co-Ed other than the fact that it’s all Women who would rather workout together which creates a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. We do the same type of workouts and I expect the same amount of effort from these women. I push them to use a weight or a move that is challenging for them. Like all classes everything is scaled to an individuals current fitness level but that depends on the person, not the class. I have women who use the prescribed weight and can do real pull-ups and I also have women who are just starting out and has to scale some moves and weight. The same workout is still just as challenging to both people.

Women’s Only or Co-Ed it is CrossFit and there should be no doubt about that. The Women’s Only program was created to provide an option to Women who are more comfortable working out with other women, to challenge each other, to have fun getting fit together, to keep each other accountable and encourage and push each other. It was not created because it’s an easier option. The workout is your workout in every class. You can make it as hard and as challenging as you want and get the most of it or you can slack off and cheat yourself and that goes for any class.

Bottom line, the Women’s Only classes are filled with strong, determined women who are challenging themselves daily, working their butts off and seeing great results and I absolutely love coaching each and every one of them. If you are a woman and looking for something different to challenge you and get you in the best shape of you life while building friendships and having fun, this class is for you!”

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