Goal Setting

11 Nov


Everyone what to achieve great things but rarely do they set goals to achieve those great things. I have been working on my goals for the last 6 months and now I am ready to set some new ones. I asked the girls at the gym to join me with their goals and together we would hold each other accountable.

I decided to consult an expert in setting goals and achieving success to give us some tips on how to set goals. John C. Maxwell says; “Research shows that approximately 95 percent of us have never written out our goals in life, but of the 5 percent who have, 95 percent have achieved their goals.”

Some things you should think about when setting your goals.

Your goal must be worthwhile– there is no such thing as a successful frivolous goal.

Your goal must be clean– if you don’t know where you are headed, a map will be of no use.

Your goal must be measurable– you need a way to see if you are making any progress toward the goal.

Your goal must be expandable– Don’t set your goals in concrete. If your goal is not expandable, its expendable. As we grow, we see the picture more clearly, and we continually need to “up” our goals.

Your goals must be filled with conviction-conviction is the unshaken confidence that the goal is worthwhile. It’s the fuel that pushes us to achieve.

So the first part is to set the goals and the second part is to create a plan to achieve the goals. Here is all of our 6 month goals:

Mel Mel


2. Work on kipping pull-ups NO BAND

3. Work on proper form for all of the jerk lifts (I really need help with this)

4. Work on proper form for HEAVY deadlifts

 Jen M

1. Right now I can do three kipping pullups. The goal is to be able to do one more pullup every two weeks until I can get 21 in a row. That means that in a year, I should be able to do Fran Rxd.

2. My six month goal is to get 50 double unders unbroken.

3. Personal: Get my shit together financially. In six months, I hope to have my car and any other outstanding debt paid off. (Minus student loans, which will haunt me for years to come…)

4. Professional: Find a good long-term investigation.



i signed up for the oc throwdown which was really a huge step for me and way out of my comfort zone. i am not naturally a competitive person and these types of situation make me a little anxious. crossfit has taught me to step outside my comfort zone and to be okay with being uncomfortable so my biggest goal is preparing for this competition. here is my strategy:

1. xfit 5days a week focus on kipping pullup and refining my lifting techniques

2. bikram 2 days a week.  i have not been stretching enough and i hope this will prevent an injury

3. step up my diet and get back to paleo type foods


1. Learn to do a Kipping pullup ( which has been a work in progress considering how uncoordinated I am)

2. Do a regular box jump….. people may laugh but I can only jump on the small box if I am doing them the right way.  This is a fear thing for me so I really need to get past it!  It is pathetic

3. Make it to crossfit at least 4x per week.

4. Eat more protein and a lot less of “ lean cuisine spaghetti “  — Pathetic but I live on these.

5. Drink A LOT more water

6. Get stronger and faster!

7. Be mentally tougher.


1. recover quickly and safely

2. maintain weight and eating healthy

3.qualify for Boston Marathon have to get sub 4 hours (spent most of 2009 trying and failed)

4. have fun and encourage all my crossfit girls friends in reaching their goals.



1. 1 muscle up

2. To be doing regular kipping pull ups in all WOD’s

3. Break 300 dead lift

4. Have a job and a place to live that allows me to have a dog

5. Get a job working with people that I enjoy, quality not quantity.


So now that we set our goals let plan how we are going to acheive these goals month by month and week by week. Ready Set Go!!

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