Fell off the Wagon

8 Nov


WARNING !!!! this could happen to you. This is how it started. I went to the WOD today. Which I might add was really fun! We had an awesome crowd and lots of PR’s were set. So then I was good and came straight home. I made myself a perfect paleo omelet then 2 hours later had my 1 block snack, then for dinner had my perfect zone/paleo dinner etc etc. Now on a side note another thing that led to the failure, most of my close friends and now all of you know that I suffer from anxiety. Because of this disorder I usually plan something for all hours of the day and I cannot sit still for very long. Just for example when I visit my best friend Denise after about 45 minutes she says “Are you ok? Do you need to leave now?” because she knows I need to be on to the next thing or I go crazy. Anyway so today I have some stuff to do at home, I keep myself busy with this and that, eat my meals, do dishes then at about 6pm I feel the anxiety coming on. And I think “I need some chocolate cake!” At first it was only a little thought so I get into my secret stash of chocolate covered soy beans and eat 2 or 3. 30 minutes later, NOPE still need the cupcake. I try to talk myself out of it because I have a killer parking spot right now and don’t want to lose it on account of cupcake.

By 7:30 I have my shoes and jacket on and I am walking to Ralph’s to get cupcake and now soda also!! On top of all that I am not feeling guilty at all and I am marching with a purpose!

Made it back in record time, eating cupcake, drinking soda, put on one of my favorite movies “Stomp the Yard” , and yes the anxiety is gone. In case you also wondered….yes I am going to start my period this week.

Back on the wagon starting tomorrow. It happens to everyone. Pinky says “800 meter sprint and 50 burpees” for me tomorrow!! haha

One Response to “Fell off the Wagon”

  1. kim November 10, 2009 at 11:17 pm #

    Punky: I love your story about falling off the wagon. It happens to us all ( to me all the time) and if we just get back on board the next day all is well. I must have eaten 15 pieces of halloween candy this past sunday…why do I still have halloween candy in my house? My two kids would freak out if I threw it out. The funny thing is they have NOT eaten one piece ..it is all me! ARGGGHH

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